Ranger man arrested for DUI after crashing Dodge Challenger and leaving scene in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On April 8th, 2023, at 9:30 PM, Trooper Townsend was dispatched to the area of Hufstetler Road and SR 136 in reference to a single-vehicle crash involving a red 2018 Dodge Challenger. Trooper Townsend learned that the suspected intoxicated driver left the scene on foot. The caller and witness advised that the male individual was stumbling around the scene and was having issues standing. At one point, the driver fell into the ditch beside a tow truck that was on the scene. The witness also advised that the male subject identified himself as “John” and that he was walking home to the first house on the left on Hufstetler Road. He also advised that the driver attempted to have them help him get the vehicle out of the embankment and did not want the police called to the scene and stated that he had an obviously intoxicated appearance. Trooper Townsend reported, “[I] looked inside of the vehicle through the window, and observed an open bud light can in the center cup holder, as well as an open bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey in the passenger seat, with alcoholic beverage still inside. Trooper Townsend and a Gordon County Deputy made contact with the driver John Williams Lewis, 61, of Ranger, at 160 Hufstetler Road. The trooper could see that John was completely naked and appeared to have just gotten off of the couch where there were pillows and blankets. Behind the door, and coming under the door, were clothes that it appeared that John had quickly stripped down upon entering the house. Trooper Townsend could see that he was extremely unsteady on his feet and stumbling on the level surface. John advised he had not crashed or left the scene. Trooper Townsend reported, “While speaking with him, the odor of alcoholic beverage was emitting from his person, and when asked how much he had to drink, he advised nothing and that he was asleep. [I] also observed that Mr. Williams was covered in small scratches across his body and had mud on his feet and arms that matched the debris and brush on the scene of the crash. [I] asked Mr. Williams if he would provide a breath sample, and he advised that he would not.” After further investigation and speaking with his wife, John was placed under arrest for DUI, leaving scene of crash, too fast for conditions, obstruction, open container violation, and failing to maintain a single lane.

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