Traffic stop for window tint violation leads to wild high-speed chase in Gordon County, Calhoun man arrested

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On December 10th, 2022, at 8:01 AM, Deputy Pullen was sitting in the parking lot of the Sunoco store located at 784 Belwood Road when he saw a black Chevrolet Impala with what appeared to have to the dark of windows. When the vehicle left, Deputy Pullen pulled out after the Impala to perform a traffic stop for what appeared to be a window tint violation. According to the report, “While on Belwood Road, Deputy Pullen activated his emergency lights to perform the traffic stop. After Deputy Pullen activated his lights, the subject driving the Black Impala, later to be identified as Caldron Mandrell Passley, 38, of Calhoun, refused to stop. The suspect vehicle pulled onto Marrow Road and then right onto Highway 53. Deputy Pullen followed Passley down Hwy 53, and once at the new Bypass, Passley took a left onto Hwy 53 but did so by entering the wrong lane and oncoming traffic. Still following Passley outbound on Hwy 53, Deputy Pullen watched Passley drive at a very high rate of speed and in a very dangerous manner. Deputy Pullen watched Passley drive on the wrong side of the road. Passley almost hit several cars, some head-on. Passley entered on Hwy 53. Deputy Pullen watched Passley try to turn left onto Cash Rd, but Passley was traveling at such a high rate of speed could not make the turn and ended up in a grass bank. After traveling the grass bank, Passley was back on Hwy 53 east. Passley turned right onto 10000 Fairmount Hwy, the Pine Hall Brick Company. While at the company and still driving at a high rate of speed, Passley hit a bundle of bricks, causing damage to the whole bundle valued at 150.00. While still driving recklessly at Pine Hall Brick Company, Passley went up a concrete loading dock, causing 2500.00 worth of damage to some metal rails. Deputy Pullen watched Passley jump his car off the loading dock causing severe frontend damage to Passley’s car. After landing the car, Passley kept going, so Deputy Pullen placed his front push bumper into the driver’s door of Passley’s car to end the chase and the dangerous driving of Passley. ” Passley was then taken into custody. Deputy Pullen tested the back driver’s side window which tested at 3%, and the front passenger window, which also tested at 3%. Passley was booked into the Gordon County Jail, and charged with Criminal damage to property 2nd degree, criminal trespass, driving while suspended or revoked, felony fleeing, window tint violation, and reckless driving.

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