Rydal man arrested by trooper after driving reckless at speeds over 100 mph on I-75 in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On February 2nd, 2023, at 1:02 PM, while Trooper Shackleford was traveling northbound on 1-75 near mile marker 319, she observed that traffic appeared heavy due to multiple tractor-trailers traveling in the area. During this time, she observed a Silver 2014 Ford Focus and a Cream Colored SUV weaving between the tractor-trailers, splitting lanes, following other vehicles at unsafe distances, and making erratic lane changes. Trooper Shackleford activated her state-issued radar, which showed the vehicles driving at speeds well over 100 mph. I then observed the silver sedan make an erratic lane change into the middle lane. The radar showed a speed of 106 miles per hour. Trooper Shackleford then initiated a traffic stop on Ford Focus for speeding at 106 mph. Trooper Shackleford also informed Troop A dispatch to notify Whitfield County of the Cream Colored SUV traveling above 100 miles per hour. The driver was identified as Joshua Aaron Elisa, 24, of Rydal. Trooper Shackleford reported, “Mr. Elisa was extremely apologetic for his driving behavior and stated that he knew he was driving too fast. Mr. Elisa advised that a silver Toyota Tundra was following him too closely, which is why he was speeding. Although the Tundra may have been behind him at some point, the Tundra was well behind him and had at least two vehicles between them before his speed was detected. Mr. Elisa stated he was not racing the vehicle. Due to Mr. Elisa’s extreme driving behavior and complete disregard for not only his life but the lives of innocent motorists around him, Mr. Elias was placed on arrest for reckless driving. Mr. Elisa then began stating that he could not go to jail and he had previously already completed a reckless driving course to get tickets removed from his record.” Elisa was booked into the Gordon County Jail.

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