Man arrested after shoplifting fishing reel and valentine’s candies from Dalton Walmart

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On February 6th, 2023, at 8:23 PM, Officer Wingate and Officer Thornton responded to Walmart 815 Shugart Road in reference to a shoplifting in progress. The caller, the loss prevention employee, stated that a male wearing blue jeans, a dark jacket, and a hat was seen concealing items in his jacket. While en route, dispatch advised that the male, later identified as suspect Brian C Robinson, 47, of Rossville, ran from loss prevention and was last seen getting into a grey SUV and fleeing from the scene. Officer Wingate went to the scene shortly after and observed the vehicle fleeing the Walmart parking lot at an extremely high rate of speed. Officers were able to get the vehicle, and Brian stopped on Shugart Road at the Heathcliff Apartments. Officer Wingate gave clear, verbal commands for Brian to step outside the vehicle. Brian complied with commands and was taken into custody. Brian stated that his 12-year-old son was still inside the vehicle as well. Officer Bethune and Ellenburg got Brian’s son out. Brian then admitted to taking a fishing reel from the store. When asked why he took the reel, Brian just shook his head and stated that he was not thinking. Officer Dykes watched the video footage that showed Brian concealing the fishing reel in his jacket pocket and concealing several containers of valentine’s chocolate candies. While searching, Brian’s officers located a plastic straw with residue inside the straw. Brian first stated that the straw was some trash he found on the ground. Brian advised that he had fentanyl in the vehicle. He stated that he used the straw to take the fentanyl. Brian was charged with theft by shoplifting and possession and use of drug-related objects. The total amount for the items concealed and shoplifted by Brian was $87.29.

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