Calhoun man arrested after randomly breaking into woman’s house and fighting with deputy

According to a Gordon County Sheriff”s Office incident report, On Friday, January 13th, 2023, at 10:22 AM, Deputy Ochoa responded to the address on Stone Loop in reference to a possible burglary in progress where a male suspect entered the residence. According to the report, “Prior to Deputy Ochoa’s arrival, he spoke to the victim by phone due to the 911 dispatcher saying there was a language barrier and not knowing if she was still inside with the male suspect.” The victim told Deputy Ochoa that the suspect was a white male wearing a gray hat and a blue shirt. She said that the male suspect had also left the residence. The victim showed Deputy Ochoa pictures of the male suspect, later identified as Anthony Lane Cook, 50, of Calhoun. According to the report, “Deputy Ochoa recognized the male suspect as Anthony Cook, who lived at 105 Stone Loop, Calhoun, with his ex-wife. The victim said that she was inside the residence getting ready for work when she heard someone trying to get inside the residence. She said she could hear the door knob turning and thought it was the door to the back of the residence. She said when she came back inside the living room, she saw Mr. Cook standing inside the living room, which scared her. She said that Mr. Cook entered her home through the front door and said that the front door was locked. The victim said that as he was approaching her, she took pictures of him on her cell phone and told him that she was going to call 911. She said that she was able to exit the residence using the side door. Deputy Ochoa went to 105 Stone Loop and made contact with Mr. Cook’s ex-wife. As the deputy was making contact, he could hear someone else inside the residence and noticed Cook standing near her. According to the report, Cook was also wearing the same clothing in the picture that the victim had shown him. Cook asked Deputy Ochoa if he could get his cigarettes, and the deputy told him no. According to the report, Cook refused to step outside and asked why he needed to. Deputy Ochoa observed Cook’s body language change as if he was going to run further inside his residence. Deputy Ochoa attempted to detain Cook, but he started fighting with him, resisting arrest. Deputy Ochoa told him to stop along with his ex-wife, who also advised him to stop. Deputy Ochoa was eventually able to place Cook under arrest. Deputy Ochoa went back to the victim’s house and located that the two-door hinges were damaged and the door was cracked open. The victim disclosed again how much she was scared, especially because she has kids that live with her. The victim also stated in her statement that she felt threatened and scared when Cook forcibly entered her residence. EMS also arrived on the scene to check her vitals because she was still shaking badly from the incident and mentioned that she had a history of high blood pressure. Deputy Ochoa asked Cook why he went inside the residence, and he said, “I have no clue.” Cook was transported to the Gordon County Jail and charged with burglary, false imprisonment, simple assault, criminal trespass, and obstruction.

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