Adairsville couple arrested by trooper during DUI crash investigation in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On April 24th, 2023, at 9:53 PM, while patrolling Miller Ferry Road Trooper Howerton observed a Grey Jeep with its rear two tires stuck in a ditch and its rear area in contact with the ditch. Trooper Howerton reported, “[I] observed a male walking towards a house (624 Miller Ferry Rd SW). The male retrieved a hydraulic jack from an already open garage door and was attempting to get his vehicle unstuck. The driver Identified as Christopher Daniel Harbin, 38, Adairsville, was unsteady on his feet and spoke with a heavy slur. [I] asked Christopher how much he had consumed that night and he stated a pint of Jameson. Christopher’s eyes were bloodshot and watery. A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected from Christopher’s breath. Christopher was asked what caused the collision tonight and he stated he wasn’t driving and that his wife was. [I] told Christopher to get his wife to return to the scene of the collision. Christopher walked to the house and immediately back. [I] asked Christopher what happened and he stated he was locked out of the house. [I] asked Christopher where his keys were and he stated in the Jeep. Christopher was dressed in a long sleeve button up polo type shirt with blue jeans and some type of dress boots.” Before instructions could be given for the One leg stand test during field sobriety tests, Sarah Jean Peno Harbin, 35, Adairsville, approached the crash sight. Trooper Howerton asked Sarah if she was the driver of the vehicle. Sarah was hesitant to answer looking at Christopher. Sarah was asked again if she was driving and she stated she was. Sarah was wearing exercise clothing with no shoes. An odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected from Sarah’s breath. Sarah stopped performing field sobriety test and informed the trooper that she was not the driver and that she only lied to cover for her husband. Sarah was asked to wait by the patrol vehicle but became very agitated yelling. Trooper Howerton reported, “Sarah was told multiple times to return to the rear of the patrol vehicle, she did not comply. Sarah began yelling for me to leave Christopher alone. Sarah then stated she was not going to wait anymore and that she was going inside. Sarah was told to wait again and she began to run full sprint towards the house. [I] grabbed Sarah’s arm to prevent her from fleeing and she immediately attempted to pull away. As [I] was placing Sarah in handcuffs she continued to resist and attempt to pull away. Sarah was placed in hand cuffs and in the rear of my patrol car. Sarah was under arrest for Obstruction of law enforcement.” Christopher showed several signs of impairment and refused to blow in a PBT. Christopher was placed under arrest for DUI and refused the state test. Both Christopher and Sarah was Gordon County Jail and booked. Sarah was charged with obstruction and false statements.

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