Tunnel Hill woman arrested again for DUI after crashing on Walnut Avenue in Dalton

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On April 27th, 2023, at 1:20 AM, Officer Shope was dispatched to West Walnut Avenue and West Lakeshore Drive in reference to a single-vehicle crash. Officer Shope reported, “When [I] arrived, [I] saw that vehicle in question sitting stationary in the turning lane facing westbound. There was significant damage to the vehicle, and there was debris covering all five lanes of traffic. [I] made contact with the driver, Krystal Nicole Dyer, 35, of Tunnel Hill, who was bleeding from what appeared to be her nose. She was not able to tell if she was hurt anywhere because she was worried about her dog that had run off after the wreck. [I] asked her what happened, and she stated that her tires were bald, which caused her to lose control. [I] then witnessed damage to a guardrail on the south side of the road, and there was also a large crack in a power pole.” Officer Shope was advised by another officer on the scene there was an open alcoholic beverage inside the vehicle that was still cold. While the officer was speaking to Krystal, he could detect a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from her breath. The officer also noticed that her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Her speech was also very slurred. She had extreme mood swings where one second she was fine, to the next she was crying and screaming about her dog. Officer Shope advised her that he could smell the alcohol and asked her how much she had been drinking. At first, she said one or two, and then she said she did not know or could not remember. The officer attempted to have her perform field sobriety, but she then turned away and attempted to walk away. Officer Shope stopped her and placed her under arrest for DUI, and she agreed to the state test. Krystal was transported to the Whitfield County Jail and showed a BAC of .165. Krystal was charged with DUI 0.08 grams or more, failure to maintain lane, and too fast for conditions. According to Whitfield County arrest reports, Krystal has previous DUI arrests.

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