Dalton man arrested again for DUI after 911 call reporting vehicle all over the roadway

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On April 22nd, 2023, at around 1:34 AM, a BOLO was given for a suspected intoxicated driver. The caller stated that he observed a male driving a white van hit the sidewalk while driving. The caller also stated that the white van ran into the ditch, causing it to be stuck halfway in the roadway on Springdale Road near North Glenwood Avenue. The caller advised that the white passenger van drove to 1200 North Glenwood Avenue (Circle K) and parked at gas pump number 4. Officer Herrera arrived and located the vehicle parked at the gas pumps. Officer Herrera reported, “[I] observed a white male wearing a bright-colored shirt stumble while exiting the driver seat of the van. The male looked directly at me in my marked patrol vehicle, and he attempted to go inside the store quickly. The male was having trouble walking straight and was having extreme trouble putting on his jacket while walking. [I] yelled at the male to stop and come talk to me. The male was identified as Conner Joseph Townsend, 21, Dalton. While Conner was walking towards me, he was stumbling and almost fell.” Conner advised that he had been driving the white van but that he was not under the influence. During standardized field sobriety tests, Conner showed several signs of impairment and being under the influence of a stimulant. Conner was placed under arrest for DUI. Officer Bethune located a burnt pipe wrapped in aluminum foil in his jacket pocket and a bag with meth in the driver’s seat of the white van. Officer Bethune asked Conner if there was any fentanyl in the vehicle that law enforcement needed to know about before conducting a search of the vehicle. Conner stated that he smoked fentanyl earlier this date and that there was no more in the van. Conner was transported to the Whitfield County Jail and charged with driving while license suspended, DUI-drugs less safe, possession of drug-related objects, and possession of controlled substance meth. According to Whitfield County arrests records, Conner has previous arrests for DUI.

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