Tennessee motorcyclist crashes while attempting to flee GSP trooper in Catoosa County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On May 9th, 2023, at 1:30 PM, TFC2 Day was patrolling on Mack Smith Road near May Street in Catoosa County when he observed a red 2009 Aprilia motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed at 65 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. Trooper Day reported, “After the motorcycle passed, [I] activated my emergency equipment as [I] performed a U-turn. As [I] performed the U-turn, [I] observed the driver lean forward, and he began accelerating at a high rate of speed. As [I] began accelerating, [I] observed that the driver, later identified as Austin Wayne Tomlinson, 21, of Harrison, TN, was willfully refusing to stop his vehicle as he traveled at a high rate of speed in an attempt to flee. This action by Mr. Tomlinson initiated a pursuit. As Mr. Tomlinson began negotiating the round-about at the intersection of Mack Smith Road and Steele Road, Mr. Tomlinson was traveling too fast to negotiate the round-about. This action caused Mr. Tomlinson to fail to maintain his lane as he traveled off the roadway onto the right shoulder. After traveling off the roadway, Mr. Tomlinson hit the curb, which caused his motorcycle to overturn onto its right side. As [I] approached the crash scene, [I] observed Mr. Tomlinson pick his motorcycle upright as he attempted to flee again. Due to his motorcycle becoming disabled, Mr. Tomlinson jumped from the motorcycle and began running north through the round-about.” The trooper began chasing on foot and removed his Taser from its holster. Tomlinson then tripped, which caused him to fall onto the roadway. After a brief struggle, Tomlinson was taken into custody. Trooper Day reported, “After [I] walked Mr. Tomlinson back to my patrol vehicle, [I] began providing information to Troop A Communications of this incident. While attempting to request assistance for minor injuries, [I] observed Mr. Tomlinson from the crash, Mr. Tomlinson began running on foot again while handcuffed towards Mack Smith Mini Storage located on Mack Smith Road just north of our location. [I] gave Mr. Tomlinson verbal commands to stop, to which he willfully refused to comply. After running approximately, a fourth of a mile, [I] observed retired Trooper Dedmon running towards Mr. Tomlinson to block his path. As retired Trooper Dedmon approached Mr. Tomlinson, [I] observed Mr. Tomlinson lying on the ground. With help from retired Trooper Dedmon, [I] was able to regain control of Mr. Tomlinson’s person.” Tomlinson advised that he knew that he was being stopped by a law enforcement officer prior to his fleeing. Fort Oglethorpe Police Department Officer Wong and Sgt. Gebelein assisted Trooper Day. Tomlinson’s license was suspended through the state of Tennessee. The Tennessee registration “K77171” that was displayed on Tomlinson’s motorcycle returned to a 2015 Yamaha MH3, which was not the correct vehicle. A check of the vehicle identification number (VIN) showed that the motorcycle’s registration was expired as well as the motorcycle did not have any valid insurance. Trooper Story transported Tomlinson to the Catoosa County Jail, charged with removing or affixing license plate with intent to conceal or misrepresent, fleeing, driving while suspended, no insurance, speeding, and failing to maintain lane.

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