Rome man arrested for DUI after being stopped for failing to dim headlights in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On November 24th, 2022, at 2:04 AM, Officer Masciovecchio was traveling north on Old Dalton Road. He observed a vehicle activate its bright lights well within 500 feet of oncoming traffic. Officer Masciovecchio reported, “Once the vehicle passed [I] also observed that the vehicle did not have any taillights activated. [I] turned my patrol car around and began to catch up to the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop.” Officer Masciovecchio then made contact with the driver, identified as Hector Cornejo, 28, of Rome, and asked if he knew why he was stopped. He stated yeah that he might have been speeding. Officer Masciovecchio reported, “[I] explained to him that [I] stopped him because he activated his high beams and failed to turn them off for oncoming traffic, and that also he was driving with no taillights on. Hector told me that the lights were automatic, and [I] again informed him that they were not on. [I] observed the light control switch inside the vehicle, and it was in the off position.” During this initial approach and conversation with Hector, the officer got the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Hector’s breath. The officer also observed that Hector had glassy eyes, that his speech was slurred and sluggish, and that he was having a hard time with his thought process. The officer asked Hector how much he had to drink, and he stated none. The officer asked Hector if he would be willing to do roadside evaluations then and he advised no. Hector also refused to blow in a portable Breathalyzer. Hector was then placed under arrest for DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol. Hector read Georgia’s implied consent notice for subjects over 21 years old. When asked if Hector would submit to the state testing, he again told the officer that he pleaded the fifth. Hector was transported to the Floyd County Jail and charged with failure to dim lights, lights requirement, and DUI.

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