Calhoun man arrested for DUI after being found passed out behind the wheel of truck crashed in ditch

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On November 19th, 2022, at 1:39 AM, Officer Evans was dispatched to the area of 60 Everett Springs Road in regards to a suspicious vehicle. Officer Evans reported, “When [I] arrived, [I] noticed a silver GMC pickup truck that was off the roadway partially in the ditch, and the rest of the truck was in the southbound lane. The truck was facing north which indicated that the driver crossed the center double yellow line before the vehicle exited the roadway. There was no damage to the vehicle. When [I] approached the passenger side of the vehicle, [I] saw the driver asleep sitting in the driver seat.” The officer knocked on the passenger window a couple of times before the driver, identified as Robert Clayton Daniel, 28, of Calhoun, woke up. When he woke up, the officer walked around the truck to the driver’s side door. Officer Evans reported, “He rolled down the driver’s side window, and [I] told him to turn the truck off. He began to try to adjust the radio multiple times. [I] told him again to turn the truck off, and he seemed extremely confused by the instructions [I] had given him. After a couple of attempts to adjust the radio, he began to try to find the ignition. He finally found the key, and after a few seconds, he turned the truck off. [I] noticed the strong smell of alcohol, and [I] told him to step out. When he exited the truck, he stumbled, almost falling. [I] told him to walk to the back of the truck.” During field sobriety tests, Daniel showed several signs of impairment. Daniel was then placed under arrest for DUI, and he agreed to the state test. Daniel was transported to the Floyd County Jail, and charged with DUI.

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