Ringgold man arrested for DUI after crashing motorcycle into ditch in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On April 3rd, 2022, at 7:20 PM, Deputy Carmichael responded to a motorcycle crash on Boynton Dr. According to the report, Deputy Carmichael made contact with Deputy Youngs, who captured the driver (Raymond Virgil Collins, 62, Ringgold) being pulled from the road on her dash camera. Deputy Youngs observed two males assisting another Collins wearing a brown jacket out of the roadway to a residence off Flight Lane. One of the males came and removed the motorcycle from the roadway taking it to 814 Flight lane. Deputy Youngs walked onto the porch and observed a 40oz beer bottle sitting on the table. Deputy Youngs knocked on the door of the residence twice when Collins, who had been observed being taken away from the crash, opened the door. Deputy Youngs observed marks on the left side of Collins’s head. Collins was holding his left shoulder and advised that he had not ridden a bike in a long while. Deputy Youngs detected the strong odor of alcohol on Collins as he came outside.” Deputy Youngs requested an ambulance be en route due to Collins stating he believed his shoulder was broken. Deputy Carmichael then met with Collins and asked the driver what happened, and he could not really say. A witness who wanted to remain anonymous stated the driver wanted to drive the bike, but when he turned right out of the driveway, he lost control and landed on the left side. Deputy Carmichael also could detect the strong odor of alcohol. When he asked Collins if he had consumed any alcohol, he stated, “12 beers,” Deputy Carmichael observed a 40oz bottle of beer beside Collins, and he had urinated on himself. Collins was transported to Erlanger for his injuries, and state warrants were obtained for his arrest. On January 2nd, 2023, at 1:01 PM, Deputy Penson observed a maroon in color Ford F-150 being driven by Collins traveling southbound on LaFayette Road. Collins was not secured by his Safety belt and a traffic stop was initiated. Collins was checked through 911 and found to have a warrant for DUI through Catoosa County.

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