Rossville man arrested for DUI after driving reckless on dirt bike in Walker County

On December 31st, 2022, at approximately 1:49 PM, Deputy Presnell was patrolling the area of Park City Road when she observed a green and black in color dirt bike driven by a male, later identified as Myka Mario Holden, 30, of Rossville, with no helmet on traveling north on Park City Road. Deputy Presnell reported, “[I] then hit my blue lights and got turned around to initiate the traffic stop. It was during this time that Holden then turned his head around to see if [I] was going to stop him or not, and once he realized that [I] was, he accelerated and turned right off of park city road onto hogan circle, running the stop sign at the four-way stop. [I] then caught up to him on Hogan Circle, and once [I] got behind him, he was driving in the middle of the roadway, and the back of the dirt bike began to fishtail, and Holden began to what looked like losing control of the motorcycle.” Holden came to a complete stop at Beverly Street. According to the report, Due to being so intoxicated, Holden could not maintain control of the motorcycle. Deputy Presnell could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Holden’s breath, and he was stumbling around, unable to stand. Holden advised he had consumed just one 16oz beer. Deputy Brewer arrived on the scene and assisted with the traffic stop. Holden was asked again how many drinks he had. He advised only two beers, a 6oz, and a 24oz, prior to this traffic stop. Holden was placed under arrest and charged with DUI, reckless driving, no helmet violation, no license plate, no insurance, and failure to stop or yield.

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