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Two men arrested after altercation involving knife on Broad Street in Rome turns violent

According to a Rome Police Department incident report, on Saturday, May 30th, 2020, at approximately 12:54 AM, Officer Kent responded to the area of Broad Street and 4th Avenue in reference to a fight. Officers Brummitt and Jackson arrived before Officer Kent. Upon my arrival, Officer Kent observed Officer Brummitt attending to the victim of the incident, Richard Carden. Richard had a laceration on his left cheek and was bleeding profusely. The suspect was Michael McCollum, 42 of Rome bleeding from The face. Officer Kent recovered a bloody knife that was lying on the pavement near where the incident occurred. Officer Jackson detained John Ford, 45 of Rome in the back of his patrol car because of a statement from a witness. The witness stated he was at the red light at Broad Street and 4th Ave when he saw John Ford kicking Michael in the face. He got out and saw the serious nature of Richard and Michael's injuries and called 911. The witness did not witness anything prior to John kicking Michael. Two witnesses stated that Michael called Richard a "Faggot" outside of the Brewhouse. When Richard confronted Michael about what he said, Michael cut Richard across the face with a knife, causing the laceration on Richard's face. The witnesses stated that John Ford was defending Richard. John was trying to get the knife away from Michael by kicking him in the face until the knife was out of his reach. John told Officer Kent as well that he stopped kicking Michael when the knife wasn't in his possession anymore. Both Michael and Richard were transported to the Floyd Medical Center for treatment. At the hospital, Richard stated that he wasn't sure what happened that one minute he was outside the Brewhouse, and the next minute he was at the hospital. Michael stated that a group of four people attacked him in the street, and he didn't know what for or who they were. Michael received stitches for a laceration he had on his pinky finger and was cleared medically. Michael was arrested transported to the Floyd County Jail without incident charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony. John Ford was released from the scene after being detained by officers. Later that night, Officer Kent received two videos from social media showing the incident from 12:52 AM that morning. One of the videos showed John Ford repeatedly kicking Michael Mccollum in the face while he was lying defenseless on the ground. A warrant for John Ford's arrest was taken out. John Ford, who has a criminal record for assault, was arrested a few days later, on the warrant charged with battery. Officers talked with the owner of Brewhouse on June 4th. He stated that he wasn't sure what started the whole thing. He stated that when he separated both parties after the altercation, Mccollum began to walk toward the direction of Jefferson's to his vehicle in an attempt to leave the area. He then stated that he noticed a large group of approximately four men and four women chase Mccollum down as he was attempting to leave for his safety. He stated he did hear someone in the large group make a comment to the effect, "You're not going to do that to one of our brothers" as they were chasing him down. An investigator was given the case and reviewed video from a camera owned by the City of Rome located at the intersection the incident took place.