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Tennessee man previously trespassed from Walmart for shoplifting caught stealing again in Dalton

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on June 22nd, 2020, deputies were dispatched to 2545 East Walnut Avenue in reference to a shoplifting in progress. While en route, dispatch advised a male subject wearing a green shirt and blue jeans had taken a pocket knife from its container and had concealed the knife on his person. On their arrival, dispatch advised them the suspect had left in a blue convertible BMW and was currently in the drive-through of McDonald's, 2531 East Walnut Avenue. Deputies made contact with Timothy Paul Roberson, 43 of Ooltewah, TN, who was driving the BMW and was wearing the clothing description given by Loss prevention. When asked, Roberson advised it to be a big misunderstanding. Roberson stated he did pick up a knife and that upon inspection, he saw the package was already cut open. Roberson said he then put the knife back into the package and left it where he found it. A deputy then relocated to Walmart and spoke with the asset protection employee. The associate showed the deputy a food city bag and several items that were inside the bag. The associate stated that he had been watching Roberson for several minutes and saw him take the knife and put it in his pocket. The associate said he watched Roberson place several items into a shopping bag and then place the bag, after tying it up, under the shopping cart. The items concealed were Cetaphil, Dove Deodorant, Gravity cologne, Adidas cologne, Wrangler pants, a Gerber knife, and a Sharper Image drone all totaling $100.48. The Gerber knife and the drone were the only items not recovered. The associate advised it was possible he would find them hid inside the store. Smith advised Roberson then went to the self-checkout and paid cash for two separate items. Smith advised when Roberson saw loss prevention employees approach, Roberson then hurried out the store, leaving the items that were concealed below the buggy. Afterward, the deputy advised the deputy that chargers were being placed on Roberson. The associate advised Roberson has been trespassed from this location twice, once in April 2017 and again in March of 2018. About this time, the deputy brought Roberson to Walmart. Roberson was handcuffed and placed into a deputy's patrol car. He was transported to the Whitfield County Detention Center, where he was charged with theft by shoplifting for concealing said items and passing a point of sale, register, without paying and trespassing for entering the said property without proper authority.