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Rome man attempts to strike brother with hammer, violently assaults officers during arrest

According to a Rome Police Department incident report, on September 29th, 2020, at 2:37 PM, Officer Stallings and Officer Jackson were dispatched to the area of Dibrell and Stonewall Street for two males fighting. Officers made contact with a male identified as Nahunta Finley, 41 of Rome. Finley stated that he and his brother Christopher Finley, 44 of Rome, had a verbal and physical altercation. Nahunta stated that his brother mushed his face with a hammer after attempting to hit him in the face with it. Christopher stated that his brother always has random people inside the house. Christopher stated their mom is old and sick and does not need random people in and out of her house all the time. Christopher then stated that his brother did not take care of his mother's house and showed the officers the trash that his brother had done since he (Nahunta) was released from jail a few days ago. Christopher stated that he did not attempt to hit Nahunta with the hammer that was sitting in a wheelchair. Officers spoke to witnesses of the altercation who stated that both brothers were arguing when Christopher attempted to strike Nahunta in the head two times with a hammer. One witness stated as they were fighting, a glass pipe fell out of the pocket of Christopher. After hearing all the statements, Officer Stallings, Officer Jackson, Lt. Greene attempted to place Christopher under arrest for aggravated assault. Officer Stallings reported, "As [I] attempted to take Christopher by the right wrist, he then jerked away, jumped to his feet and attempted to run off the front porch as [I] held on to his shirt. Once off the porch, Christopher took a fighting stance and attempted to strike officers with a closed fist. Officer Jackson attempted to take Christopher to the ground to gain better control of the situation. Christopher was still violently swinging his fists. Officer Stallings was able to use a knee strike to gain better control of him. The violent struggle continued when Christopher pulled an officer's arm around in front of his mouth and bit the left forearm. Officers used several hard hand strikes to the head of Christopher to keep him from biting them. Christopher grabbed another officer's arm and tried to bite him as well. Christopher was ripping things off an officer's vest during the violent fight. Christopher then grabbed an officer's asp baton from the holster in a manner that appeared he was going to use it offensively against them. Officers delivered several hard hand strikes to the face to prevent him from striking them. Christopher told officers he was going to make them kill him. He then grabbed an officer's taser attempting to remove it. Christopher tried to pull the taser out of the holster as he continued to violently resist arrest. An officer used another hard hand strike to the face in attempts to get Christopher's handoff of the officer's taser. Other officers and deputies finally arrived on the scene and helped get Christopher in custody. While Deputy Noles was walking Christopher to a patrol vehicle, he elbowed him and jerked away, attempting to run. At the Floyd County Jail, Christopher refused to get out of the patrol vehicle and had to be assisted out. Finley was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a police officer x3, aggravated battery on a police officer, removal of a weapon from a public official, possession of drug-related objects, felony obstruction x3 and probation violation.