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Lindale woman runs stop sign and crashes into fence in Floyd County while DUI

According to a Floyd County Department incident report, on September 16th, 2020, at around 3:15 AM, Officer Forrister responded to the intersection of Brice Station Road and Burkhalter Road in reference to a crash. The crash occurred because the driver, later identified as Tiffany Amber Wheat, 25 of Lindale, failed to stop at the stop sign at this intersection and went through a fence belonging to Running Wild Farms. Officer George arrived and began speaking with the three individuals involved, Tiffany Wheat, Jedediah Grizzle, and Cameron Dover. All three individuals advised Officer George that none of them had been driving the vehicle and that the driver had been another male and that he had taken off running through the woods when the crash occurred. Officer later confirmed that their story was false. Wheat spoke with Officer George and Officer Ribot and advised them that she had been drinking. While Wheat spoke, officers noticed Wheat slurring her words. Officer Carlos began to speak with both Cameron Dover and Jedediah Grizzle separately. They advised that Wheat had been driving and that they had all collectively lied about the other male driving the vehicle. Officer Ribot then spoke with Wheat asking her about the crash where she still continued to insist that the other male was driving. Dispatch also advised that Wheat had a suspended license since 2018. Officers read Wheat Miranda Warning and asked her questions about driving the vehicle, and she refused. An officer read her Implied Consent for blood, and she agreed. While Wheat was placed into the back of the patrol car, she asked for a cigarette. When she was advised no, she became very upset and began to kick and hit her head on the patrol car window. While walking into Floyd Medical Center to get a blood draw, Wheat began to actively pull away while she was being escorted in. Officers had to put Wheat's arm into the air to escort her into the hospital. Wheat was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with driving while suspended, stop sign violation, and DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol.