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Cedartown woman and New York man arrested after burglarizing Armuchee home

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on September 27th, 2020, at around 12:55 AM, Officer Dollar responded to an address on Sugarwood Drive in reference to a possible burglary in progress. Dispatch advised that entry had been made, and the homeowner had his gun out. The officer observed the garage (attached to the house) roll door open with glass busted on the door leading into the residence. Officer Dollar reported, "[I] entered into the garage, announced myself as Floyd County Police numerous times and instructed anyone in the garage to show me their hands." Officer Lanier and Officer George arrived on the scene and assisted with searching the area. The homeowner/victim said that he saw a lady enter into his home from the garage and that he also heard a male’s voice too. The homeowner said when he heard the glass break, he went into the hallway after grabbing his handgun. The female homeowner heard the male homeowner yelling at a female suspect and telling her to get out of the house because police were coming. The homeowner advised officers that he stepped into the hallway and observed a female, later identified as Tammy Michelle Rogers, 34 of Cedartown, standing inside of his house. The homeowner said he pointed his handgun at Tammy and was yelling at her to get out. The homeowner stated that the female-identified herself as Tammy Rogers. Officers watched surveillance video from the house. The homeowner stated that he should have shot Tammy when she was in the house. The homeowner stated that Tammy told him that she just bought the house. While reviewing video footage, dispatch sent three pictures of Tammy Rogers to an officers phone. The officer was able to positively identify the female in the videos as Tammy Rogers. Officers observed Tammy and a white male later identified as Vincent Angela Cutrone, 40 of New York, getting into the truck. Officers were able to get the tag number (JDY1370) from the security footage and ID the tag as a New York tag. Dispatch advised the officer that the tag returned to a grey 2014 Dodge Ram registered to Vincent Cutrone. Sgt. Wade asked the homeowner what Tammy said to him when she was in his house. The homeowner stated, “[I] said what are you doing in my house?” Tammy then told him she just bought the house. The homeowner then told her that she did not buy the house and that she needed to get out. Southbound slowly by the residence. An officer obtained the suspect Vincent information and called him. Vincent advised that he had recently moved down here from New York and that he met Tammy about a week or two ago and that they became friends. Vincent stated that he typed in the address Tammy gave him into his GPS. Vincent said that when he pulled into the driveway of what he believes, it was Tammy’s house. He then noticed Tammy was messing around with keys for about 20 minutes, which made Vincent ask Tammy if she really lived there. Tammy stated that yes, it was her house and that she was just having a hard time finding her keys. Vincent stated to me that Tammy was in the garage messing with something while he was in his truck, and he heard a window break. Vincent stated that was when he got out of his truck and asked Tammy what she was doing. Vincent stated that after everything went down and they left the residence, he dropped Tammyoff at the hospital. The officer asked Vincent how Tammy gained entry into the garage. Vincent stated that Tammy opened the Ford F150 truck door that the homeowner owns and pressed the garage door button. Tammy claimed that the Ford F150 was her truck as well. Vincent stated that he did not currently have an address and only gave his New York address. The officer asked Vincent what the auto lockout kit package used was. Vincent admitted that it belonged to him but that he did not use it to get into the house. Vincent stated that Tammy used it and that he put the auto lockout kit tools into a bag. Dispatch advised that Tammy was sitting in the ICU room at Floyd Medical, waiting to see a friend named Zach, who had reported having been stabbed. Officer Boatfield responded to Floyd Medical Center and took Tammy Rogers in custody in the front parking lot. Tammy told officers that she just woke up from a coma because she was shot and was just trying to get back into her home. Tammy advised officers that she was falsely arrested. Tammy was transported to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office charged with first-degree burglary, 2nd-degree criminal damage to property, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, possession of a schedule I controlled substance, crossing the guard line with drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, drugs not in the original container and entering an automobile with intent to commit a felony. Officer Boatfield met with Vincent and transported him to the Floyd County Jail charged with first-degree burglary, 2nd-degree criminal damage to property, and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.