Lindale couple arrested on aggravated animal and child cruelty charges in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On December 9th, 2022, at 11:15 PM, Officer Walters, along with Investigator Lopez and Moore, responded to concerns about the welfare of a child living in residence on Avenue D in Lindale. According to Lopez, the school had filed a DFCS report about possible neglect stating that the child had come to school on several occasions with animal urine and feces on his clothing. There were also allegations that the child’s odor was so extreme that it was causing a teacher to be physically sick and that classrooms would have to be aired out after the child left. The allegations also stated that the child had a very visible, noticeable odor to not only staff but also other children. Officer Walters reported, “When walking up to the house, [I] began to detect a strong odor of animal urine coming from the residence. When [I] got to the porch area of Ave D, the odor was so extreme it began to burn my eyes and nose.”

Simon Edward Worrell, 54, of Lindale, answered the door. The scent of ammonia was so strong when the door opened that officers had to step back. Lopez explained why we were at the residence and the allegations about the possible neglect of the minor. When he was advised that the minor had a strong odor of animal urine Simon advised that a few days prior the cat had urinated on his shirt and since he was late for school he did not change. Simon went on to state that he and his wife, the child’s biological mother, Kimberly Worrell, 51, of Lindale, had already left for work. While speaking with officers, Simon also repeatedly slapped his arm and stated, “Ow” due to being bitten by several insects. Simon also advised that it had been a few weeks since they were able to clean the residence due to work schedules.

Officer Walters reported, “When asked if we could come inside to check the minor’s living conditions, Simon stated, “the house is a disaster right now.” Simon went on to explain that he was working double shifts and had not cleaned in a few days. He advised if we walked into the house, “You (officers) would say damn and take the minor right off the bat.” Due to Simon’s own remarks about how the conditions were and the concerns about the child from the school, I decided to acquire a search warrant to check the condition of the property. [I] also advised ACO Freeman and Gibson due to the number of animals within the property.” According to the report, One dog appeared to be very thin, and the dog also had several open, oozing wounds on her body. The dog also had several areas of her body that were completely free from hair. There were several pressure sores on her legs and rear. The dog’s face also had several open sores and scabs on her nose. The dog’s toenails were all extremely overgrown to the point where they turned out and crossed over, making walking very uncomfortable.

When officers and investigators conducted the search warrant, they located a large dog bed that was completely soaked in urine. Officer also located a large number of animals which was incorrect from what was originally disclosed. The corners of the walls were caked in hair, feces, dirt, debris, and urine. Officers reported that the ammonia was almost overpowering. Officer Walters reported, “The floor was slick due to the amount of animal urine and feces. The walls appeared to once white but were now stained yellow and brown. The corners of the walls were caked in hair, dirt, debris, and urine. There was also an extreme amount of trash in dollar General bags hanging from the fireplace, covering the fireplace mantel, the coffee tables, and other surfaces. The areas between couches were piled with trash, old food containers, drink cups, and other trash. The floor was black in areas due to urine and debris. The floor was also visibly wet in several areas, and Every dish in this room was used and covered in pure filth. [I] could tell it had been some time since the area was cleaned due to the spider webs on the walls and ceiling.” According to reports, Simon worked for the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer and has since been fired. Simon and Kimberly were both placed under arrest and booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, cruelty to children in the first degree, and deprivation of a minor.

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