Dalton man becomes enraged, destroys house, and assaults woman after being caught cheating by wife

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On January 8th, 2023, at 1:01 AM, Deputy Kirby was dispatched to address Reece Way in reference to a Domestic Dispute. While traveling on Reece Way en route to the residence, Deputy Kirby observed a man walking down the road. The man stated that he was headed to Sharondale Road and that Joseph Ross Gamblin, 21, of Dalton, had just damaged property and caused a disturbance on Reece Way. He stated that Joseph was extremely upset because he was caught cheating again by his wife on Facebook. His mother stated that Joseph had been caught cheating on his wife on Facebook. She stated that Joseph entered the home without knocking. She advised deputies stated that they do not have a relationship in which Joseph can freely enter her home. She stated that Joseph entered the home and yelled, “Where’s my f**king wh**e wife?!” when she stated to Joseph that he needed to leave, he became extremely enraged and started throwing items in the home. Deputy Kirby observed a vacuum cleaner, a carpet shampooer, and other items that appeared to be broken. He then grabbed a decorative rod iron column on the countertop that was attached to the countertop and ceiling and ripped it off and assaulting the woman who was present in the home. The victim had visible serious injuries to both her arm and leg. During the assault, a small child was present and observed the incident. All involved advised that Joseph needed help with his mental health. Joseph stated that he was angry and just “blacked out” and doesn’t remember anything that happened after his arrival. Joseph stated when he gets angry, he goes into a rage and “Blacks out.” Joseph was charged with battery, family violence, criminal trespass of property without permission, criminal damage to property under $500.00, and cruelty to child see/hear forcible felony/battery/family violence.

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