Calhoun man arrested on animal cruelty charge in Gordon County

The Calhoun Police Department has arrested a man on animal cruelty charges. David William Edwards, of a Summerfield Lane Calhoun address, was arrested last week after a complaint was received from local animal control from the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Edwards, who faced the same charges in an incident in Cobb County back in 2017, had a total of 23 animals removed from his residence in Calhoun; 20 dogs and three cats. There was one dog that was deemed too aggressive after biting an officer on the scene that was euthanized. The incident report states the smell of ammonia was so strong in the residence that protective gear had to be worn when entering. Most of the animals were housed in kennels that were too small and many were stacked on top of each other, which caused animal waste to fall on top of other animals. Also observed were multiple animals sitting/laying in their waste that appeared to have built up for some time. According to jail records, Edwards was taken to the Gordon County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of Animal Cruelty with a total bond set at $6,000.

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