Alabama men arrested after Chattooga County K-9 alerts to large amount of meth and fentanyl during traffic stop

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On January 5th, 2023, at 11:48 PM, K-9 Deputy Nick Robinson was on patrol on Highway 114 traveling toward Summerville when he noticed that the silver Dodge truck with an Alabama tag in front of him did not have a functioning driver’s side taillight. Deputy Robinson initiated a traffic stop near the Raccoon Creek Bridge and made contact with the driver, identified as Harold Delmus Rutledge, 54, of Oxford, Alabama. According to the report, Deputy Robinson ran Rutledge and the tag, an everything came back valid. K-9 Deputy Robinson reported, “[I] then went back to the driver’s side door and advised Mr. Rutledge that everything was valid and handed him his license back to him. [I] then spoke with Mr. Rutledge about his taillight issue and the busted lens on the passenger side. During this conversation, Mr. Rutledge’s hands began to shake, and no eye contact would be made. The front seat passenger, later identified as Mr. Cody Wayne Aycock, of Gaylesville, Alabama, was smoking a freshly lit cigarette. At this time, [I] asked Mr. Rutledge if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle. Mr. Rutledge advised no.” K-9 Deputy Robinson had Chattooga E-911 run Aycock’s information, where it was discovered he had a valid felony warrant through Alabama, and they wished for a hold to be placed. Deputy Robinson then deployed K-9 Kendy for a search of the vehicle. K-9 Deputy Robinson reported, “Kendy did show a change in breathing and body posture around the open driver’s side door and under the driver’s seat, [I] continued to work the truck counter-clockwise and Kendy did show a change in breathing and body posture around the open passenger side door. [I] continued the search, and once we reached the driver’s side door area again, Kendy did show a change in breathing and body posture around the same location under the driver’s seat Kendy worked the area and [I] sent him under the truck, at this time Kendy did show a change in breathing and body posture under the truck. At this time, [I] crawled under the truck, where [I] located a six zip lock-style bag that contained a large amount of meth, fentanyl, and a set of digital scales. Another bag was located containing marijuana and meth. Rutledge advised Cpl. Blackmon and Deputy Robinson that everything in the magnetic box was his. Rutledge and Aycock were both transported to the Chattooga County Jail and booked. Rutledge was charged with possession of meth, possession of meth with intent to distribute, defective taillight, possession of schedule II (fentanyl) with intent to distribute, possession of fentanyl, and possession of drug-related objects.

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