Wanted felon obstructs Dalton police officers after using fake “motion picture” money to pay for taxi

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On January 7th, 2023, at 9:00 PM, Officer Warren responded to 2103 East Walnut Avenue in reference to a disturbance in progress. A taxi driver was claiming her current customer had attempted to pay his fare with fake money. Officer Warren reported, The taxi driver handed me what appeared to be two $100 bills. The victim, who did not speak fluent English, then stated, “It’s fake”. [I] then inspected the bills closer and noticed that they had the phrase “Motion picture purpose” printed on them in numerous areas as well as “Propmoney.Com” printed in the lower corners of the bills. She then gestured to a male that was seated in the back seat of her taxi and stated, “He gave it”.” The male, later identified as Tracey Dwight Watkins, 51, of Dalton, was extremely irate about the allegation and claimed that he had just been paid the bills by his employer. The male said his name was James Jones and that his birthday was 06/21/68. Officer Warren ran this information through dispatch and observed Watkins pacing around the car. Dispatch informed the officer that the name and date of birth did not provide a return. The taxi driver’s husband then arrived on the scene and advised the current un-named male had paid another taxi driver that he worked with a fake bill earlier in the week. Watkins then became even more irate. Officer Warren instructed Watkins several times to stand by the front of the patrol car and to stop pacing. Watkins then began running away from the officer. Officer Warren gave chase and eventually tackled Watkins forward. Officer Warren reported, “Once on the ground, the male continued to struggle against me and attempted to crawl away. [I] was able to straddle the male’s back and grab onto his wrists with my hands. [I] repeatedly ordered the male to put his hands behind his back. The male continued to struggle against me and tried to pull his hands further under his own body. Officer Black then arrived on the scene and came to my location. The male was still refusing to put his hands behind his back. Officer black then drew his taser and pressed it to the male’s back. Officer Black then told the male that he would tase him if he did not stop resisting.” Watkins complied and was taken into custody. Watkins still refused to give officers his real name and date of birth. While searching Watkins, officers located meth inside the front pocket of Watkins’s jacket. Watkins then refused to get into the patrol vehicle and struggled with officers again. At the Whitfield County Jail, Watkins was positively ID and found to have three active felony warrants for his arrest. Watkins was charged with forgery 4th degree, false name and date of birth, obstruction of law enforcement, and possession of drug-related objects.

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