Tunnel Hill woman arrested for DUI after 911 call from concerned citizen in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On November 19th, 2022, at 11:33 PM, dispatch advised that an anonymous caller stated that there was a black Jeep Wrangler being driven by Heather Nicole Wilkins, 43, of Tunnel Hill, who was under the influence of alcohol. The caller advised that the Jeep was lifted, had a winch on the front end, and the rear tail lights had dog paw covers over them. Deputy Carter located the vehicle at 720 North Varnell Road (Mapco). Deputy Carter confirmed that it was the Jeep and watched the vehicle. According to the report, “Moments later, the vehicle pulled away from a gas pump and began to pull into the roadway. The vehicle stopped suddenly and began to reverse. The vehicle turned around and pulled into a parking spot. Deputy Carter and Tunnel Hill Police Officer Roberts watched the vehicle for several moments, but the vehicle did not move. The officers moved to another position so they could maintain a visual on the vehicle. Once the officers moved, the vehicle began to pull back out of the parking lot. Officer Roberts attempted to get behind the vehicle, but another vehicle got in between them. The suspect vehicle turned out of the parking lot and headed north on North Varnell Road. The vehicle turned onto New Hope Church Road. Officer Roberts allowed Deputy Carter to pass him by pulling off of the roadway since the vehicle was now in the county rather than the city. Deputy Carter immediately saw the vehicle begin to fail to maintain its lane across the fog line. Deputy Carter initiated the traffic stop on the vehicle on New Hope Church Road at Marbrook Way. The vehicle continued approximately a quarter mile to 1387 New Hope Church Road. The vehicle pulled into the driveway of 1387 New Hope Church Road.” When Deputy Carter was a few feet away from Heather, he could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. Deputy Carter could see two Sutter Home Chardonnay bottles that were empty. Both bottles were in the driver’s seat floorboard area. She advised that she did not drink the two empty bottles of chardonnay tonight. Heather explained that she only had two Blue Moon beers at Longhorn. According to the report, “Heather continued by stating that she was in her driveway and that she was not obstructing or endangering anyone’s life. Deputy Carter asked Heather if she would consent to blow into a preliminary breath test box. Heather replied that she was in her driveway. Deputy Carter began to explain to her that she was being investigated for driving under the influence due to her failure to maintain her lane while driving and the original call to the 911 Center. Deputy Carter was trying to speak to Heather, and she advised that she could hear Deputy Carter and for him to just take her to jail. Deputy Carter asked why he would take her to jail. She advised that she knows that she will not blow in the preliminary breath test box, and she had only drunk two beers to drink.” During field sobriety testing, Heather showed several signs of impairment. Heather was placed under arrest for DUI and refused the state test. Heather was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with DUI driving under the influence of alcohol less safe, and failing to maintain lane. Deputy Carter also issued Heather a written warning for a hands-free/distracted driving violation due to her stating that she was failing to maintain her lane due to her texting her daughter while driving.

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