Tunnel Hill man arrested after violently beating and threatening to kill girlfriend during domestic

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On November 29th, 2022, at 5:04 PM, Deputy Witt and Tunnel Hill Police Department Officer Haven responded to 3650 Chattanooga Road in reference to a domestic that occurred earlier. According to the report, “Upon arrival Deputy Witt met with the victim stated that on November 25th, she was hit six times and bit eight times by her boyfriend Jonathan Daniel Burch, 40, of Tunnel Hill, with who she has been living with at on West School St. Shen stated that Jonathan’s mother, Sherry Davis, witnessed her being hit and yelled at Jonathan to please stop.” The victim stated that her friend had been trying to help her and that they slept in his vehicle overnight night in his driveway on Chattanooga Road. She stated that somehow Jonathan found her and opened the passenger side door where she was sleeping. The victim stated that when she woke up, Jonathan was holding a large knife to her throat. The victim stated that Jonathan told her, “B***h get up” and that if she did not come home that he was going to kill her friend. The victim stated that she was just able to get away from Jonathan and took off running. The victim stated that she went to Andy’s Corner gas station and called 911. The victim also stated that in the past, she has been violently beaten and held hostage by Jonathan and that she has video. The victim stated that during one incident, Jonathan called in a bomb threat to Walmart so that she would have to come outside the store. The victim’s friend gave the same story to the police and said that he did not know Jonathan. He stated that he has been friends with the victim since they were children and that they are not involved in any relationship. He is just trying to help her. According to the report, “Deputy Witt observed that the victim had bruising and scratches on her legs.” Warrants were issued, and on December 1st, 2022, Jonathan was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with aggravated assault (weapon), battery (family violence), and terroristic threats and acts. According to arrest records, Jonathan has a history of domestic violence.

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