Summerville woman arrested for DUI after being found asleep behind the wheel in Walker County

According to a walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On February 23rd, 2023, at 1:39 AM, while patrolling the area of Highway 151, Deputy Haven observed a black 2012 Nissan Altima parked in the far back of the church at 11815 Highway 151. Deputy located the driver, later identified as Brandy Michelle Borman, 39, of Summerville, asleep in the driver seat of the vehicle with the car running. Deputy Haven reported, “[I] saw an alcoholic beverage sitting in the center console of the car. [I] then knocked on the window to wake up Mrs. Borman. Mrs. Borman opened the door, and [I] introduced myself as Deputy Haven with the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. [I] then asked her what she was doing. Mrs. Borman stated that she was just sitting here. She spoke with a noticeable slur in her speech. Mrs. Borman’s speech was slow and slurred, as if she was having problems thinking of a response to my questions. Mrs. Borman then stated that she went to see a friend in Tunnel Hill and then came back and pulled into the church.” The deputy then asked her how much alcohol she had had today, and she stated that she had not had that much alcohol today. She moved the bottle that was in the center console, and when asked why she just said, “because”. The deputy again asked Borman how much she had to drink tonight again, and she stated, ‘just that’ referring to the almost empty 375ml bottle of Jack Daniels Apple Whiskey. The deputy then pointed to empty liquor bottles that were outside of her vehicle and asked her if that was hers as well. She then got out of the vehicle to see it and stated ‘there is one in front of my car?’ During the entire interaction, she showed several signs of impairment. During field sobriety testing, she showed signs of alcohol impairment. Borman was placed under arrest for DUI. Borman was then transported to the Walker County Jail and charged with DUI and open container violation.

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