Summerville man arrested after obstructing trooper following DUI crash in Walker County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On December 6th, 2022, at 7:03 PM, Trooper Sarrell was dispatched to a vehicle crash on GA-1 near Davis Lane in Walker County. According to the report, “Walker County Dispatch advised that it was a single vehicle crash and it was reported by a passerby. While attempting to locate the vehicle, Walker County Deputies located two male pedestrians in the area. Deputy Small requested the trooper’s assistance, stating that he believed the males to be occupants of the vehicle they were looking for.” Jeremiah Henson, 39, of Summerville, provided a Georgia Identification card that identified him. Mr. Henson stated that he was a passenger in the vehicle they were looking for and that the other male, later identified as Travis Ray Campbell, 44, of Summerville, was driving. Trooper Sarrell reported, “Upon speaking with the other male, he refused to speak with me or Deputy Small and would not answer either of our questions. The male refused to provide any form of identification and would not answer or acknowledge my questions verbally or with body language. [I] smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the male’s breath and person and observed his eyes to be bloodshot with dilated pupils. [I] allowed Mr. Henson to speak with Mr. Campbell to see if he could convince Mr. Campbell to speak with me. [I] observed Mr. Campbell conversing with Mr. Henson, which confirmed that he was able to listen and respond when he chose to.” Deputy Small located the vehicle further north on GA 1, which was stuck in the mud at the bottom of a hill approximately 50 yards off the roadway. Trooper Sarrell reported that it appeared that Campbell had been traveling too fast for the wet conditions of the roadway and had failed to maintain his lane of travel. Campbell was placed under arrest for obstructing the trooper’s investigation by failing to identify himself and for driving under the influence. Campbell continued to remain silent. While searching Mr. Campbell’s personal incident to arrest, Trooper Sarrell located the key for the vehicle in his pants pocket. Upon conducting an inventory of the vehicle, Trooper Sarrell located a case of White Claw alcoholic seltzer, which was partially empty and still cold and bearing condensation due to recent refrigeration. Trooper Sarrell also located the container for a 6-pack of Bud Light, with several of the cans missing. Campbell was transported to the Walker County Jail, where Campbell continued to remain silent and would not speak with or identify himself to the jail staff. Campbell was charged with obstruction, DUI refusal, too fast for conditions, failing to maintain a single lane, and driving without a license on person.

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