Rossville woman arrested for DUI drugs after nearly crashing into patrol vehicle in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On November 28th, 2022, at 12:051 AM, Deputy Haven was conducting a traffic stop on a separate vehicle when a 2007 Honda Civic almost ran into the back of Sgt. Agredano’s patrol vehicle. Both patrol vehicle’s had emergency lights activated. Deputy Haven reported, “Sgt. Agredano made contact with the driver (Mariam Elizabeth Tomlinson, 40, of Rossville) and had her move over carefully to the side of the road. While doing so, the driver had a lot of trouble following instructions and almost hit me and the patrol vehicle again. [I] then called for Deputy Durham to come to do field sobriety due to Deputy Durham having more training with DUI drugs. When she finally got the vehicle off the roadway, [I] had her step out of the vehicle. [I] asked the driver when the last time she used drugs was, and she stated two hours ago. [I] asked her what she took, and she stated, “I don’t know what they gave me!” she then stated that she took the drugs at 6:00 pm. The driver was twitching and jerking her arms and could not sit still. She was moving and speaking really fast, to the point she was not understandable.” We had to tell her that she needed to slow down so that she could be understood. During standardized field sobriety, Mariam showed several signs of drug impairment. Mariam was placed under arrest for DUI. Deputy Haven reported, “[I] then searched the driver, Ms. Mariam, for weapons and contraband. None was found. [I] then searched the rear of Deputy Durham’s vehicle for weapons and contraband, and none was found. [I] then had her sit in the back of the vehicle. Mariam was read the implied consent and stated that either way if she did or did not do the test, she would lose her license. Due to her level of intoxication and confusion, deputies did not go forward with the blood test. Mariam was then transported to the Walker County Jail, where she was found in possession of meth in a small pocket in her jeans. Mariam was charged with possession of meth, DUI drugs, felony crossing guard lines with drugs, and failure to move over for emergency vehicles.

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