Sonic employee arrested after pointing loaded gun at co-worker during heated argument

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On March 18th, 2023, at 11:48 PM, Officer Fraire, along with all other officers on shift, responded to Sonic, located at 2702 Airport Road, in reference to an employee identified as Bailey Ryan Jones, 19, of Dalton, pointing a firearm at another employee. According to the report, Officers believed the call to potentially be false due to Sonic employees resuming business as usual. As they observed the area, Bailey was observed standing in the middle of the Sonic kitchen. Shortly after, dispatch advised the employees to walk out to Rhythm Dr to meet with officers in order to separate them from Bailey. As the employees walked over to officers, Bailey was observed by another officer running into the wood line behind Sonic, headed towards the Dalton Mall 816 Walnut Square Blvd. As Officer Kell, McBrayer, Hill, Warren, O’Nneal, and Curz chased after Bailey. Shortly after, Bailey was detained, and the firearm was located by the officers that detained Bailey. Employees stated that Bailey was trouble but never to the extent of pointing a loaded gun at someone. The employee had audio of the altercation. Officers could hear the victim say, “At least I’m not a childish little b***h who has to go home to mommy and daddy every day!” Bailey had no response to this. After a short silence, the victim continued by saying, “B***h, you don’t know me! Come at me again. I f***in will kill you! I promise you! I have so much rage and anger built in me, mother f***er! Do not test me! Don’t test me.” Bailey responded by pulling a firearm out of his right pocket and pointing it at the victim, which was seen on Sonic’s video surveillance. The victim advised he came in from his second job at Arby’s to talk to the manager on duty about scheduling. During this time, Bailey took the food he had brought to eat and tossed it all over the kitchen floor. The victim advised he found this to be disrespectful due to the bag being filled with food he was going to eat after a long day of working hard. The victim advised this was when he and Bailey began arguing, which was then captured on the audio. Bailey advised all officers he wished for an attorney. Bailey was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with reckless conduct x2, aggravated assault (gun) x2, false statement/writing/concealing facts from the government, and misdemeanor willful obstruction of law officers. According to Whitfield County arrest records, Bailey has a very lengthy criminal record.

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