Silver Creek woman becomes extremely disorderly and obstructs officers during alcohol-fueled party

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On November 10th, 2022, at 1:35 AM, Officer Wright, Officer Dutton, Officer Overstreet, Officer Tetsworth, and Capt. Lom responded to a domestic call that could possibly involve a firearm at 305 Wax Road. Officer Dutton reported, “When we first arrived, there wasn’t much of a disturbance going on, so we spoke to the complainant and the Michelle Nicole Millsap, 32, of Silver Creek. The complainant advised us that Michelle and her guests had been partying all night and had been extremely disruptive. She also told us that Michelle and her guests had also been taking her chairs off of her front and back porches without her permission. We also spoke with Michelle, who was indeed having an alcohol-fueled party, about possibly quieting down some out of courtesy for her neighbors.” At this time, Michelle became very angry with officers and began to use loud and profane language toward her from outside of the residence. Michelle called officers racist and several obliquities. Michelle advised all officers that she pays $1,100/month in rent and that she was going to do what she wanted to the inside of her residence. Michelle continued to yell obliquities and tell officers that she was on private property and doesn’t have to speak with them any longer. As she continued this behavior for several minutes, officers attempted to advise her that if she continued to do this, she could be charged with disorderly conduct and maintaining a disorderly home. Officer Tetsworth reported, The complainant and disagreed with our efforts and asked for all of our badge numbers, calling us ignorant and telling us that if we don’t arrest someone immediately at that residence that they would leave while intoxicated and kill people and that it would be our fault. We attempted to explain to her that, at the moment, this was only a civil issue and that we were trying to mediate in order to come up with a temporary solution to their dispute until it could be formally handled otherwise.” During this time, Michelle continued to enter and exit her residence, screaming and yelling obliquities while refusing to follow officers’ orders. Michelle also asked for all of the officers badge numbers, calling them stupid. After several attempts to de-escalate the situation, officers advised Michelle that she was now under arrest. Michelle then quickly attempted to flee inside her home to escape her arrest. Officer gave chase inside her home to take her into custody. As officers entered the home, several occupants began screaming and arguing that they could not enter the address to make the arrest. Michelle began actively resisting arrested and attempted to snatch away from the other officers in order to hinder them from effecting the arrest. Several children inside the residence became very distraught over the incident unfolding. Capt. Lom reported, “The situation continued to escalate as multiple subjects were being loud and asking questions, but would not allow officers to answer without them talking over officers. Michelle also was using profanity, while children under the age of 14 were inside the residence. Michelle is the tenant of the residence and she continued to be very boisterous causing the rest of the people in the house to become boisterous as well. Many of the other adults in the residence were also under the influence of alcohol. The occupants then began recording the incident on their smartphones. Officer Dutton reported, “We attempted to de-escalate the situation by trying to calmly speak to a few of the guests about what happened and what caused us to make the arrest. None of them listened to the officer’s explanation. During the incident Capt. Lom’s bodycam fell off into the house. As soon as Capt. Lom walked back he noticed the camera inside the doorway and as he was going to retrieve it, another female inside slammed the door shut, and did not allow him to retrieve his camera. Michelle was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with public drunk, disorderly conduct, willful obstruction of law enforcement, and maintaining a disorderly household.

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