Rossville motorcyclist arrested after 100 mph pursuit in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On February 14th, 2023, at 11:00 PM, Deputy Weaver attempted to stop a red 2009 Honda CBR 600 motorcycle on Cloud Springs Road after observing no license plate and the taillight not working. As Deputy Weaver made a u-turn, the motorcyclist changed lanes sporadically and looked back at Deputy Weaver a few times to see if he was being followed. When the deputy initiated his emergency equipment, the motorcyclist (Thomas Adam Hall, 43, of Rossville) looked back at Deputy Weaver, dropped down to a lower gear, and took off. Hall made a right onto Mineral Avenue and continued northbound. Deputy Weaver continued pursuing the motorcycle and reached speeds of 80+ mph. According to the report, “Hall ran the stop sign at Mineral Avenue and Parkwood. As Hall passed Rosewood Assisted living facility, he crossed the median and started driving in the opposite lane of travel. Hall made a right turn onto battlefield parkway and continued westbound. Deputy Weaver continued pursuing Hall and reached a speed of 110+mph on Battlefield parkway. While on Battlefield Parkway, Hall changed lanes sporadically from the left lane to the right lane, almost causing a vehicle crash across from the Sonic. Hall made a right turn onto South Cedar Lane and continued northbound at speeds of 80+mph. Hall made a right turn onto Cloud Springs Road and continued eastbound. As Hall made the turn, he saw Deputy Harris with his blue lights and sirens on and went around him in the opposite lane of travel.” While fleeing at speeds over 100 mph, Hall slammed on his brakes and attempted to make a left turn onto Lakeview Drive. Hall was traveling too fast to make the turn, jumped the median on Cloud Springs, went into opposite lanes of travel, and ended up in the merging lane from Westbound Cloud springs onto Lakeview Drive. Deputy Weaver made the decision to take away the motorcyclist’s escape route onto Lakeview Drive by positioning his patrol vehicle in the northbound Lane of Lakeview Drive. Hall had nowhere to go and laid his bike down, taking off on foot. Hall was taken into custody after a brief foot pursuit. Deputies located meth on Hall during a search. Hall was booked into Catoosa County Jail, charged with possession of meth, felony fleeing, reckless driving, failure to use turn signal, and failing to maintain a single lane.

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