Rome woman bites trooper in front of 5-year-old son during traffic stop for speeding in Floyd County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On June 20th, 2023, at approximately 6:47 PM, TFC2 Perry was conducting stationary traffic enforcement on GA 101 in Floyd County when he observed a white 2012 Dodge Challenger speeding at 78 MPH. The trooper conducted a traffic stop just south of Old Rockmart Highway. The vehicle stopped in the middle of the road and would not obey commands to move to the shoulder out of the roadway. Cadet McGuire approached the passenger side of the vehicle and came in contact with the driver who was identified as Amber LaDawn McMurray, 32, of Rome. During Cadet McGuire’s interaction with McMurray, she was very angry, loud, and extremely argumentative. A citation for speeding was issued and Cadet McGuire returned to the passenger side of the vehicle. Cadet McGuire attempted to explain the citation to McMurray, however she refused to acknowledge him. When asked to sign the citation, Ms. McMurray became even more argumentative and verbally refused to sign the citation. Cadet McGuire and Trooper Perry explained to Ms. McMurray that she had to sign the citation. She continued to refuse to sign the citation. Trooper Perry further explained to her that refusing to sign the citation would mean that she would be placed under arrest and she would have to post a bond at the Floyd County Jail. McMurray continued to be argumentative stating that they could not arrest her and that she would not be signing the citation.McMurray refused to exit the vehicle and began resisting arrest. Trooper Perry reported, “When [I] grabbed her right arm and began attempting to remove her from the vehicle, she suddenly leaned forward and bit down on my left hand with her teeth between my thumb and wrist and applied pressure causing immediate and intense pain in my hand. When she did so she pulled her head back violently and to the side in an attempt tear my flesh apart and cause further damage. Ms. McMurray then began to actively struggle with myself and Cadet McGuire. It was at this point that [I] discovered that she had her 5-year-old son in the vehicle witnessing the entire encounter.” Troopers were eventually able to remove her from the vehicle and the struggle continued in the roadway. Once she was placed into custody, McMurray changed her demeanor and began apologizing and crying. McMurray was transported to the Floyd County Jail. On the way to the jail she stated that she did not mean to bite me and that she was scared because she claimed a law enforcement officer had raped her on a traffic stop once. McMurray was charged with battery, simple battery on a law enforcement officer, speeding in excess of max limits, obstruction and cruelty to children in the third degree. The bite caused bleeding, bruising, and swelling to Trooper Perry’s left hand between his thumb and wrist requiring treatment from a hospital.

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