Rome man fights with Floyd County officers after violently assaulting woman during domestic

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On January 7th, 2023, Officer Vicente was dispatched to speak with a victim of a domestic situation. Officer Vicente located the victim, who advised she took her boyfriend, identified as Dustin Paul Messex, 26, of Rome, cell phone. During this time, the victim became flustered and advised the officer she was scared and began crying. Officer Vicente reported, “While speaking to the victim, [I] could observe that she had a severe blackened right eye that appeared to be several days old and had light bruises on her arms as well. When [I] asked her about her injuries, she stated that those were the ones from last week to which Mr. Messex had physically assaulted her to where she had to go to the hospital.” She advised she was violently choked. Officer Vicente could observe redness and two separate marks on the right side of her throat that resembled fingers. She was then asked for how long has the physical abuse been going on, and she stated that it had been going on for about a month. She finally came out and said something to someone about the physical abuse she was going through on the day she went to the emergency room the week before. The victim stated she was terrified and afraid to press charges against Messex. The victim stated that she knew he was drinking again because she could smell it on his breath, and there were bottles of alcohol all over his house. The victim advised Messex went into a rage and began violently assaulting her. During the attack, Messex refused to let the victim leave. Officers also observed damage on her vehicle from Messex throwing rocks onto it. The victim advised Messex did have a loaded gun and fired it. She advised that Messex was also beating his dog. Officers were able to locate Messex on Blacks Bluff Road. Officer Tentsworth reported, “At this time, [I] realized that Mr. Messex was on the property. [I] then heard Officer Quijada tell Mr. Messex to show him his hands. Mr. Messex refused and stated that he would not be going into handcuffs until he was told what he was being arrested for. Officers Qujada and Surrett then grabbed Mr. Messex in order to place him in handcuffs. Mr. Messex pulled away. [I] then grabbed Mr. Messex by his arm in order to restrain him. As we were fighting Mr. Messex [I] detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.” Messex was eventually placed under arrest. Messex was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with aggravated assault, battery, 2nd-degree burglary, and obstruction of law enforcement x3.

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