Lindale man becomes angry while being arrested for assaulting girlfriend in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On January 7th, 2023, at 4:30 AM, Officer Wishart was dispatched to an address on Elm Street in reference to a domestic call. Dispatch advised the call was from a third party next door that stated they thought a female was being hit by her boyfriend. Officers made contact with the victim who was in the street very upset and was crying. The victim advised she was assaulted by her boyfriend James Tommy Turner, 36, of Lindale. Officers noticed she had a severe bruise under her left eye and had blood on her hand. Officers also noticed that the victim was distraught and was missing her right shoe. She stated that during the verbal argument that James told her “you better sit down and not leave”. Officer Wishart assisted the victim with getting her belongings. Officer Wishart reported, “[I] heard a male voice from the opposite side of the door asking “who is it?” [I] advised Floyd County Police. The male opened the door. [I] asked the male to step outside to talk with myself and Office Caranza.” James stated nothing had happened not even an augment. James blamed everything on the victim advising she was very drunk and had ran to the neighbors house causing a huge scene. James then became very angry and aggressive stating he would like to speak with a Sergeant. Officer Wishart reported, “[I] began calling a supervisor on the phone when James stated that he no longer wanted a sergeant to come to the residence. [I] asked James multiple times if he was sure that he did not want a Sergeant to come to the residence and that [I] would get one to come if he wished. James stated that he did not want one.” James was placed under arrest and became extremely angry. James repeatedly stated that he knew people in the department that were higher ranking than Officer Wishart and Officer Caranza and that he would be in contact with these individuals and have their jobs. James was transported him to Floyd County Jail charged with false imprisonment and simple battery.

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