Rome man arrested on animal cruelty charge after anonymous tip to Floyd County Animal Control

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On July 27th, 2022, Officer Walters was advised by Animal Control officer Keelin Freeman of a possible animal cruelty case. Officer Walters was advised that Nathaniel Robert Lincoln, 45, Rome, had a dog that was in extremely poor condition. Officer Walters traveled to 5-A Oakcrest Trl to try to make contact so she could physically see the dog to verify its condition. Officer Walters was unable to make contact with the dog or Lincoln. On August 2nd, 2022, Officer Walters checked the residence again. Again the truck was outside; however, again, no contact was made. Officer Walters reported, “When [I] started to leave the area, [I] was flagged down by a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. She advised that she had seen the dog once before, and it looked in very poor condition. She also advised that the residents at 5-B had expressed to her that they had heard the dog being physically attacked and assaulted by Lincoln in the past. She also stated that she had heard Lincoln be violent with the dog.” On November 28th, 2022, Officer Walters was performing a follow-up at 5AOakcrest Dr. Officer Walters reported, “[I] had been in the area due to an unrelated call and decided to check on the property due to prior knowledge of an emaciated husky. [I] had been unable to locate the dog, so the case had to be closed due to a lack of evidence. However, on this date, when [I] arrived at the property, [I] observed white dog hair, consistent with a long-haired dog like a husky, in the yard near the driveway. [I] first checked just behind the duplex where the dog kennel was located. However, there was no animal or signs of any animals within. Next, [I] knocked on the door adjacent to the driveway. When [I] knocked on the door, [I] was greeted by a white husky who appeared to be the same dog as the photos from prior. The dog was very skinny. However, due to the thicker coat, it was difficult to place an estimated Body Condition Score. The dog’s appearance was very poor. It had small wounds under it’s right eye, its nails in front were overgrown, it’s fur was falling out in clumps, and it was a yellow tint. The dog’s front legs were very thin, and [I] could easily see the separation between the two long bones. The dog’s midsection appeared to sink in; however, with the coat, it was difficult to tell, but it appeared like the hip bones were protruding.” Officer Walters then executed a search warrant at the residence with the assistance of Officer Shelly, Officer Jackson, ACO Freeman, and ACO Atkins. According to the report, “Dr. Nepps’, the onsite shelter vet, listed his body condition as a 1/9 on the Purina Body Condition System. When touching the dog, a person can easily feel all bones within his body. Kuma’s body fat amount was so low that Officer Walters could feel his shoulder blades protruding as well as the bony structure of his forehead. Kuma’s nails on his front feet were overgrown, and his feet were matted with feces and hair. His body had a very strong odor of urine and cigarettes. Kuma did have a 2019 Rabies Vaccination tag. However, no vet name was listed to verify. When presented with wet food, Kuma began jumping and visibly shaking. Kuma then began circling in anticipation of food. Dr. Nepps told Kuma to sit, which he did. The dog food was placed in a paper tray and then placed on the ground. When the food hit the ground, Kuma attacked it. Once the food was gone, Kuma attempted to ingest the paper try.” On December 1st, 2022, Lincoln was taken into custody for aggravated animal cruelty, where he then decided to surrender Kuma into animal control care.

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