Rome man arrested for DUI after driving all over the roadway in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On May 6th, 2023, at 1:56 AM, Officer Quijada was conducting patrol operations in the area of Warren Road when he observed a white in color Toyota Tacoma swerving all over the roadway. Officer Quijada conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, identified as Brayden Lewis Presley, 20, of Rome. Officer Quijada reported, “[I] advised Mr. Presley that the reason for the traffic stop was because he was having trouble maintaining lane and also advised him that [I] observed him drive off the roadway onto the grass area near Dixie Park Rd, which he stated that the lights were too bright. [I] then asked Mr. Presley where he was heading, and he stated that he was coming from a friend’s house located on Floyd Springs Rd and stated that he was heading back home located on Birchfield Rd. While talking with Mr. Presley, [I] was able to observe slur speech, glassy, bloodshot eyes. [I] asked Mr. Presley if he had anything to drink, which he stated was not too many. [I] asked Mr. Presley how many bears he had, and he stated that he only had two beers about an hour ago. [I] asked Mr. Presley what type of beer’s he had to drink, and he stated that he drank two Miller Light’s.” Officer Stanfield and Officer Roberts arrived on the scene and assisted with the traffic stop. During field sobriety tests, Presley showed several signs of impairment. Officer Stanfield asked Presley how old he was, to which he stated that he was 20 years of age. Officer Stanfield advised Presley that he could not be drinking under the age of 21 to which Presley stated that he knows and understands. Officer Stanfield then asked Presley how many bears he actually had to drink before driving to which he stated that he had about 4 to 5 Miller Light beers. Presley was placed under arrest and agreed to the state test. Presley was booked into the Floyd County Jail and charged with DUI alcohol under 21 and failing to maintain a single lane.

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