Rome man arrested for again DUI on Christmas Day after call from concerned citizen in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On Christmas, December 25th, 2022, at 5:49 AM, Officer Evans was responding to a BOLO of a white Chevrolet Silverado regarding a possible drunk driver. The driver Timothy Berry King, 55, of Rome, entered the convince store located on Maple Road. Stumbling around and having trouble functioning when purchasing alcohol. The cashier called 911 and informed them of the situation. According to the report, “After leaving the store, Mr. King entered his vehicle and began to drive while away, almost hitting a gas pump. The cashier followed Mr. King down the road while he stayed on the phone with 911.” Officer Evans located the vehicle and made contact with the King at 2365 Maple Road. Officer Evans reported, “While trying to stop, he ran over the curb with his right front and back wheels, then he turned left, almost sitting sideways in the right-hand lane. [I] approached Mr. King, and when [I] asked for his license, [I] immediately smelled alcohol. [I] instructed him to exit the vehicle after he told me that he had been drinking. We walked to the front of my patrol car, and [I] asked him how much he had. He told Officer Smith and myself that he had a couple six packs and multiple shots of crown royal. He asked if his wife could come and pick him up multiple times.” During roadside evaluation‘s, King showed several signs of impairment. King was placed under arrest for DUI. Officer Evans reported, “He began to frantically ask why myself and Officer Smith and told him that he even admitted to having been drinking. [I] explained to him that [I] could smell alcohol coming from his breath. He asked if [I] could just take him home multiple times each time, and [I] told him no. He said that he had never done this before and he would never do it again. He told me later that he had a DUI in 2015. He said all he was trying to do was impress his son-in-law, Who gave him the shots of alcohol. King asked multiple times if [I] could just take him home.” King was transported to the Floyd County Jail and booked.

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