Rome bicyclist gives officers fake name and damages Floyd County patrol vehicle during arrest

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On June 8th, 2023, at 9:07 PM, Officer Dollar stopped a white male operating a red bicycle on the roadway of Avenue E without operating lights on the bicycle, as well as operating the bicycle traveling west in the eastbound lane. Officer Dollar reported, “It should be noted that [I] had just left the scene of a bicycle theft report on Third St. in which the bicycle owner described the bicycle to be red in color. It should also be noted that [I] was flagged down while on scene at 220 Third St. and advised of a red bicycle being operated in the area of Avenue E and Third St.” The bicyclist advised the officer he did not have his license on his person and stated he did not like giving out his information. The bicyclist was beginning to behave in a nervous manner. Officer Dollar informed the bicyclist that he could identify himself or go to jail due to his committing a traffic offense. The bicyclist then identified himself as Brian Thomas Bost, with a DOB of 11-22-1988. The male then began to walk away and was advised to stop moving. “Brian” informed the officer that he was given the bicycle he was operating from a friend of his. During the entire conversation with “Brian,” he was constantly looking around as if in a paranoid state. Officer Quijada arrived on the scene, and officers found “Brian” was actually Robert Allen Bost, 37, of Rome. Robert became angry, stating his name was “Brian” and refused commands. Robert advised officers they would have a lot of fun fingerprinting him at the jail. While detained, Robert stated that they would have to drag him to the patrol car. Robert fought with the officers while being taken to the patrol vehicle. While waiting to place Robert in the backseat, he forcefully struck his head against the outside of the rear windshield, causing it to crack. Right after placing Robert in the backseat of the patrol vehicle, Robert kicked the rear windshield and completely busted it. Robert then took a piece of glass and began attempting to slice his neck open with it. Floyd County Sheriff Deputies and Lt. Pendley arrived on the scene to assist. Robert continued to act belligerent on the way to the Floyd County Jail. Robert was booked and charged with felony obstruction of an officer, interference with government property, 2nd degree criminal damage to property, riding a bicycle on a roadway, equipment violation for a bicycle, obstruction, and giving false information to police.

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