Ringgold teen arrested after driving recklessly and fleeing deputy in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On Friday December 22nd, 2023, 10:22 PM, Deputy Kuzma was traveling northbound on Alabama Hwy when he observed a 2016 Lexus IS passing vehicles at speeds over 85 mph in a posted 45 zone, which is 41 mph over the speed limit. Deputy Kuzma attempted to stop the vehicle and observed the driver, later identified as Tristan William Case, 17, of Ringgold, had pressed his brakes to slow down, then he sped up, evading Deputy Kuzma. Tristan was now driving recklessly with no regard for his safety or the general public’s safety on the roadway. Tristan turned right onto College Park Drive and did not use a turn signal to indicate that he was turning, he also went over the fog line when he turned onto College Park Drive due to his high rate of speed while turning. Deputy Kuzma saw that Tristan was going faster than the posted speed limit on College Park Drive, which was only 25 mph. Tristan also did not stop at the stop sign at the college on top of the hill. Tristan eventually stopped, and Deputy Kuzma performed a felony traffic stop and ordered him out of the car at gunpoint. As Tristan was being taken into custody, he was pleading with Deputy Kuzma that he was very sorry and asking him to please not be taken to jail. He knew he was speeding and that Deputy Kuzma was trying to stop him, but he said that he was trying to get home before his parent’s strict curfew which was at 10:30 PM. Tristan was booked into the Catoosa County Jail, charged with reckless driving and felony fleeing.

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