Ohio convicted felon found DUI and in possession of gun during CMV inspection at I-75 weigh station

According to a Georgia Department of Motor Carrier Compliance Division incident report, On July 17th, 2023, at 2:40 AM, MCO1 Gann stopped a commercial motor vehicle for inspection at the Southbound weigh station. Officer Gann reported, “[I] spoke to the driver and explained the reason for the stop. [I] asked the driver for his paperwork. When the driver opened his door, [I] smelled the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. [I] asked the driver to step out of the CMV. Due to the odor of marijuana, we had probable cause to search the vehicle. [I] stayed with the driver and started the paperwork for the inspection while MCO3 Bradford searched the vehicle.” MCO3 Bradford found a small plastic bag containing marijuana, a Cigarollo pack containing multiple rolled burnt marijuana Cigarillos, and a loaded Tartus 9mm handgun. During field sobriety tests, the driver, identified as Jamaal Shaw Tyrell, 27, of Columbus, Ohio, showed several signs of drug impairment. Tyrell advised the officers he had snorted cocaine and smoked a blunt prior to driving the commercial vehicle. Tyrell also stated and confirmed that he was a convicted felon. Tyrell refused the state testing of his blood. Tyrell was booked into the Catoosa County Jail, charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and driving under the influence.

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