Lindale woman arrested, Lindale man wanted after dog fighting ring found in Floyd County

On January 11th, 2024, The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office added dogfighter Michael Cortez Kent, 38, of Lindale, GA, to their top 10 most wanted. Michael Cortez Kent is wanted for Dog Fighting x 18 (Felony), Contempt of Court, and Felony Probation Violation. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of this individuals they are encouraged to call FCSO warrants clerk (Mon-Fri 8-5) at 706-236-2466 or anytime you can call 911. There is also an anonymous tip line available 24/7 at 706-236-5000. Additionally, you can anonymously submit a tip about his whereabouts through the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office app!

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On September 27th, 2023, at 2:25 PM, Investigator Webb was dispatched to 333 East 2nd Ave in Lindale in reference to a possible dog fighting case. Investigator Webb met with the Floyd County Animal Control, who advised that they have been fighting and training dogs at the residence. Officers observed several dogs tied out on heavy logging chains and just outside of each other’s reach. The dogs appeared malnourished due to the visibility of their ribs. Officers also noticed a lot of empty medicine bottles and other medical supplies lying around the yard. There were several puppies inside hutches made from chicken wire. An initial count revealed to be well over 20 dogs on the premises. Sgt Clayton was notified as a search warrant was obtained of the needs of a search warrant. Brandi Lacha Dobbs, 35, of Lindale, advised she didn’t know much about the dogs but that Michael Cortez Kent, 37, of Lindale, has multiple people bringing him dogs for him to “train”. According to the report, Officers observed a swim tank in the backyard used for dogs to build their stamina up for fights. Officers spoke with Michael on the phone, and he advised he wasn’t fighting dogs but that he would take all the charges for Brandi, which led investigators to believe he knew there was something going on but would never admit to it. Sgt Holbrook And Sgt Clayton arrived on the scene and assisted with executing the search warrant. Michael was found to have a felony warrant for failure to appear. During the search warrant, officers found a plethora of medications and syringes all through the house and, medical voucher kits and staple kits along with an antithetic, which was believed to be used when the dogs were injured in the fights. Officers also found a training room equipped with a treadmill fashioned with chains for harnessing the dogs. There were scales found that were used to weigh the dogs before the fights and also breeding paperwork with a photo of a dog on a logging chain in an aggressive manner. Brandi was arrested and transported to the Floyd County Jail. Brandin was charged with felony dog fighting x18. Felony warrants for Michael were issued for his arrest. Floyd County Animal Services advised that 18 of the dogs meant for fighting would have to be euthanized.

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