LaFayette man and Rock Spring man arrested after shoplifting from Walmart in Chattooga County

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On December 29th, 2022, Investigator Flood was leaving the office and heard E911 dispatch units to 13427 Hwy 27 Walmart. Dispatch advised that a male shoplifter, later identified as Cory Lee Tumblin, 28, of laFayette, had run out of the store and was fleeing. Investigator Flood was at the intersection of Underwood Dr. and 27, directly across from Walmart, when he observed a vehicle matching the discerption and tag. Investigator Flood reported, “[I] activated my emergency lights and siren and initiated a traffic stop. [I] made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Mr. Corey Tumblin. [I] asked Tumblin what was going on with him at Walmart. Tumblin stated, “I shouldn’t have done it” I asked done what? Tumblin stated, “took that stuff”. At that same time, Deputy Wilks also arrived on the scene of the traffic stop. I asked Tumblin for his driver’s licenses and ran them through GCIC [I] also ran the vehicle he was in through GCIC. Dispatch gave a return that Tumblin’s license was suspended, and he had a warrant through CCSO. (The warrant was taken by me for the offense of felony shoplifting). The loss prevention advised the deputy of another male that was with Tumblin that was now leaving out the Garden Center exit. Investigator Flood started walking toward the male, and when he got closer, he identified himself as a deputy and asked the male to walk toward him and that he needed to speak with him. The male turned, looked at the deputy, and then turned back around in the opposite direction and began walking quickly away. Investigator Flood was eventually able to get the male identified as Dillion Stone Williams, 28, of Rock Spring, to stop and speak with him. Investigator Flood reported, “[I] asked Mr. Williams what was going on with him and his friend at Walmart today. Mr. Williams said [I] don’t know what you’re talking about, and [I] don’t have a friend here. [I] asked him if he knew a Corey Tumblin. Williams said no, never heard of him. Deputy Wilks came to Walmart and got out with Williams and me. [I] asked the Walmart loss prevention if this person ether stole from Walmart was an accomplice in this theft.” They said yes. Williams was also placed under arrest. Both Williams and Tumblin were booked into the Chattooga County Jail, charged with shoplifting. Tumblin was additionally charged with criminal trespass and felony shoplifting. 

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