Kingston woman arrested for DUI after crashing into ditch in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On August 18th, 2023, at 7:36 PM, Officer Bradley was dispatched to a crash at 398 Flowery Branch Road. Officer Roubieu and Officer Bradley made contact with the driver of the crashed vehicle, later identified as Margaret Lucille Paulk, 46, of Kingston. Officer Bradley reported, “[I] asked Paulk how she ended up in the situation she was in, and she gave me no answer. [I] asked Paulk for her driver’s license. Paulk began fumbling around in her wallet looking for her license, and could not consecrate long enough to retrieve them. [I] asked the gentleman who called in the incident if he knew who she was or if he had seen her before. He told me no, he didn’t know who she was, that he was just trying to help but noticed something was off about her. [I] asked what had happened, and he told me that he was in the backyard at his house when his kids ran to him, telling him someone drove off the driveway into the ditch. Paulk informed me that she was at home. However, Paulk lives at 824 Flowery Branch, and she was located at 398 Flowery Branch. When [I] arrived on the scene, [I] observed the vehicle on the side of the driveway bottomed out on the driveway itself. The vehicle had not been wrecked. However, it could not be moved from the location without assistance, considering it was bottomed out on the driveway.” Officers could smell the odor of alcohol on her and observed several signs of impairment during field sobriety evaluations. Paulk was then placed under arrest for suspected DUI. Paulk agreed to the state test and was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with DUI.

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