GSP trooper uses PIT maneuver to end high-speed pursuit with DUI driver in Catoosa County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On March 26th, 2023, at 2:28 AM, Catoosa County deputies engaged in the pursuit of a gray 2006 Honda Accord that fled from a DUI road check. Deputies requested GSP, and Trooper Story responded to assist. Trooper Story reported, “[I] was sitting on GA-146 when [I] observed the fleeing Honda Accord and Catoosa County deputies coming towards me. At this time, [I] activated my emergency lights and sirens and joined the pursuit. [I] became secondary in the pursuit as the gray Honda Accord continued traveling west on GA-146 at a high rate of speed. Deputy Davis then became the third vehicle in pursuit. The driver was making erratic lane changes during this time and had reckless due regard for the other vehicles on the roadway. The pursuit continued down GA-146 towards Lakeview Drive. As we passed Lakeview Drive, [I] assumed the primary position in the pursuit. This made Deputy Gant the secondary in the pursuit. The driver then failed to stop at the red light at the intersection of GA-146 and South Cedar Lane. After failing to stop, the driver went into the opposite lane of travel on GA-146 and made a left-hand turn onto South Cedar Lane. As we were making the turn, [I] observed the driver looking back at me and appearing to be reaching for something. Due to the driver’s reckless disregard to others and the unknown of what he was reaching for, [I] performed a PIT maneuver ending the pursuit. The suspect’s vehicle struck a utility pole, then rotated and traveled across the roadway and struck a fence.” The driver, later identified as Gerald Quintel Thompson, 41, of Chattanooga, TN, took off on foot from the crashed vehicle. After a brief foot pursuit, Thompson was taken into custody by Deputy Gant and Trooper Story. A search of the vehicle turned up three large clear plastic bags containing meth. There was also a small black and brown 22 revolver located on the driver’s seat that was loaded. Trooper Story reported, “[I] asked Mr. Thompson why he ran, and he advised he did not want to get caught with his buddy James’s stuff. [I] asked Mr. Thompson if the stuff he was talking about was the meth, and he advised it was. [I] asked Mr. Thompson where he was coming from, and he advised work in Chattanooga. [I] asked Mr. Thompson where he lived, and he advised in Chattanooga. [I] informed Mr. Thompson that he advised he was coming from Chattanooga and going to Chattanooga and that he was in Georgia. [I] noticed that Mr. Thompsons’ pupils were very constricted. [I] also noticed Mr. Thompson had confusing statements. Mr. Thompson also had a red and glossy haze over his eyes.” Thompson refused the state testing of his blood. Thompson was transported and booked in the Catoosa County Jail, charged with felony fleeing, DUI, driving while suspended, no insurance, possession with intent, possession of gun during the commission of a felony, and a list of traffic charges.

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