Four Chattanoogans arrested after felony shoplifting at Ross in Fort Oglethorpe

According to a fort Oglethorpe Police Department incident report, On March 9, 2023, at approximately 6:25 PM, Officer Howard was dispatched to Ross at 185 Parkway Drive, in reference to a felony shoplifting in progress. When Officer Howard arrived on scene at 6:28 PM, he observed two black females, and one black male running out of the store with their arms full of unbagged and unpaid for merchandise. When the three saw the officer, they dropped all of the stolen merchandise and ran to the parking lot where quickly attempting to get into a white Chevy Equinox and flee the scene. The three then took off on foot after unsuccessfully. Officer Howard yelled at the subjects to stop, but they kept running on foot. Officer located three people in the Equinox identified as Ahtoria Ragsdale, Nychicia Driver, and a small juvenile female. Lt. Cross advised that he had the three suspects who had fled detained in the Walmart parking lot where he and Officer Wolfe located them. Officer Pritchett contacted Walmart Loss Prevention associates, showed officers video footage of the suspects running into the automotive section of the store, where they went into a room and changed into new clothing which was taken from Ross. The three suspects were identified as Dexter L. Barnes Jr., 24, of Chattanooga, TN, Akira Taylor, , Chattanooga, TN, and Kareemah Anisia Jones, 21, of Chattanooga, TN. Officer Howard reported, “[I] asked Ms. Taylor if she heard me telling them to stop running from me when [I] first arrived at Ross. Ms. Taylor advised me that she did hear me, but she kept running because she was scared. Both Ms. Jones and Mr. Barnes were standing right next to Ms. Taylor when [I] told them to stop running.” Lt. Cross began speaking with Barnes to acquire his information, to which he provided the incorrect name of Devonte Brown, 11/30/2002. He also provided the incorrect date of birth of 11/29/1998. Walmart loss prevention came to the parking lot where officers made contact with the three and criminally trespassed all three subjects from Walmart. Ross employees were able to determine that the total amount which was taken from the store was $1,385.94. Ross Loss Prevention advised that they did wish to press charges for the theft. It was determined that Jones had an outstanding felony warrant through Henry County, and that they wanted to place a hold. It was also determined that Barnes had an outstanding felony warrant through Catoosa County. It was also determined that the owner of the Chevy Equinox, Timira Ward, 26, Chattanooga, TN, who was contacted to pick up her vehicle also had felony warrants through Catoosa County. Ward was taken into custody upon her arrival to get her vehicle. They were all transported to the Catoosa County Jail and charged.

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