Felons arrested after investigating into the sale of fentanyl in Dalton leads to large bust

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, During the month of 2022, a detective with the Dalton Police Department began an investigation into the sale of Fentanyl at an apartment at Excalibur Village (2315 Sir Lancelot Pl, Dalton, GA) and during at least one ‘controlled’ fentanyl purchase by undercover units, firearms were present. With assistance from the Whitfield County Drug Unit, Dalton Police Department executed a search warrant obtained by the Whitfield County Magistrate Judge. Police initially planned to do surveillance of the apartment on the day of the arrests but noticed the door was open when they arrived. Police waited for the two men to return from the pizza run after learning where they were from a roommate during the execution of a search warrant on the apartment. The roommate, who uses a wheelchair, Michael Nunez, was cooperative with police who searched the apartment and found nearly 30 more drug-related items, including more than 100 fentanyl pills, opioids, scales, pipes, baggies, pill cutters, and a white powdery substance. Police confronted convicted felons Tony Landaverde, 33, of Dalton, and Juan Hernandez, 31, of Dalton, in the parking lot of their apartment with their hands full of pizza boxes and drinks. Landaverde, a convicted felon, was wearing a coach fanny pack with a 9 mm handgun, cell phone, and $13,020 of cash inside. He also had 30 blue fentanyl pills and an additional $8449.90 inside his wallet. Police also located a locked safe that returned dozens of other drugs, an additional $15036.00 in cash, and weapon-related items. According to the arrest records, both men have very lengthy arrest records with multiple felony convictions.

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