Felon wanted for shoplifting arrested after another high-speed pursuit in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On December 6th, 2022, at 9:34 PM, Lt. Rann was pulling out onto Cleveland Hwy. from a stationary position just north of Pleasant Grove Drive. Lt. Rann observed a silver Honda Accord pass his location traveling northbound prior to pulling out onto Cleveland Hwy. According to the report, “Lt. Rann observed the vehicle had a white male driver with brown hair and a female passenger. Lt. Rann did not immediately recognize the driver. Lt. Rann observed the vehicle fail to maintain its lane of travel prior to the intersection of Cleveland Hwy. and Beaverdale Road by crossing the dotted line from the outside to the inside lane while traveling northbound. Lt. Rann observed the vehicle turn right on Beaverdale Road. Lt. Rann had dispatch run the tag on the vehicle and the registered owner of the vehicle, Jeremy Ryan Gladden, 32, of Cohutta. Lt. Rann was notified that Gladden had a suspended driver’s license and a TPO against him. Lt. Rann attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle on Beaverdale Road just before the intersection with Lake Francis Road by activating his blue emergency lights. The vehicle turned left onto Lake Francis Road and immediately accelerated. The vehicle continued to flee from Lt. Rann northbound on Lake Francis Road, disregarding Lt. Rann’s blue emergency lights and audible siren while traveling in the middle of the road on top of the lane dividing line. The vehicle accelerated to approximately 90 plus mph on Lake Francis Road, which is a posted 50 mph speed zone. Lt. Rann pursued the vehicle at a safe, reactionary distance as the vehicle continued to accelerate and create additional distance from Lt. Rann’s patrol vehicle.” Lt. Rann terminated the pursuit near the intersection with Good Hope Road. Lt. Rann was able to immediately recognize the driver as Gladden, who had two felony warrants outstanding for his arrest (Shoplifting and Fleeing to Elude) Warrants for driving on a suspended license, failure to maintain lane, fleeing to elude, and reckless driving. On January 11th, 2023, Gladden was arrested in Hamilton County, TN, and extradited back to Whitfield County. According to online arrest records, Gladden has a lengthy criminal history and fleeing from police.

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