Decatur trio arrested on felony charges after using counterfeit money at the Dalton Walmart

According to a Dalton Police Department report, On March 5th, 2023, at 4:47 PM, Officer Black responded to 815 Shugart Road, the Walmart, regarding a female subject that had passed counterfeit $50 bills on purchasing items inside the store. The officer located the female, identified as Kenyonta Hines, 45, of Decatur, inside a green Chrysler Pacifica van still in the parking lot. Officer Black reported, “[I] asked Kenyonta for her identification. [I] also noticed a passenger in the vehicle, Tristia Jones, who was holding a stack of cash in her hand behind her purse that was in her lap. It appeared Tristia was attempting to hide the cash from my view. [I] asked Tristia for her identification as well, and they both provided it. While providing identification, [I] informed them why [I] was there and the call [I] received. [I] asked them who had all purchased items inside the store. Kenyonta stated she and Tristia both purchased something inside the store. [I] then informed them that one of them had used counterfeit bills. Both females denied using any counterfeit money in the store. [I] asked Tristia if [I] could look at the $100 bills in her hand. Tristia responded by stating she did not have any $100 bills. [I] then was able to get a better look at the money and noticed it was $50 bills. [I] then corrected myself and asked Tristia if [I] could look at the $50 bills that she had in her purse. Tristia stated again that she did not have any $100 bills after [I] stated $50 bills.” Tristia was detained for further investigation. The officer grabbed the stack of $50 bills and immediately noticed they were counterfeit due to the texture of the paper used for the bills. When asked about the money, Tristia did not respond to the question. The male in the back seat (Teddy Dewayne Redding, 45, of Decatur) was asked for his information and provided officers with Teddy Reddick and also spelled out his last name as Reddick. Later it was determined by Officer Johnson that the last name “Reddick” was fake. Dispatch advised that Teddy had a warrant through Sumter County, and they would like to place a hold. The Walmart loss prevention associate advised Kenyonta, who was sitting in the driver seat, also passed counterfeit $50 bills for products. Walmart loss prevention associate stated Teddy also passed counterfeit $50 bills to put money on a pre-paid cash card. That amount is valued at $200. Kenyonta stated she had marijuana on her. Officer Warren located a loaded firearm under Teddy’s seat. The firearm was a Ruger 9mm with a loaded magazine, a round in the chamber, and the safety off. Teddy was also confirmed to be a convicted felon and could not legally possess a firearm. Teddy, Kenyonta, and Tristia were all transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Tristia was charged with felony forgery 1st degree, and felony theft by deception. Teddy was charged with felony forgery 1st degree, felony theft by deception, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and giving a false name. Kenyonta was charged with felony forgery 1st degree, and felony theft by deception.

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