Dalton man high on drugs assault deputies and obstructs EMTs in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On February 16th, 2023, at 9:09 PM, the residence at an address on Old Grade called Whitfield County Dispatch. The caller advised that a male was walking down the road and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The caller also advised that the male parked his truck in the driveway of 3118 Old Grade Rd. A caller from a house on Tibbs Bridge Road called and advised that a male was outside his mother’s house asking for an ambulance. Another caller called from a separate house on Tibbs Bridge Rd to report that a male was on their porch and that the male stated he felt like he was being poisoned. Deputies were advised that another caller on Tibbs Bridge Road advised the male was on their porch. Deputy Sharpe then made contact with the male Carl William Howard, 51, of Dalton, who stated that he felt like he had been poisoned by someone. According to the report, “Mr. Howard was very rigid and would just randomly jerk his body. Mr. Howard also was dry heaving. Deputy Sharpe had Dispatch have Emergency Medical Services (EMS) be en route to check Howard. The male kept trying to walk away. Deputy Sharpe could tell, based on his training and experience, that Mr. Howard was under the influence of a drug.” Howard refused commands from deputies and would not sit down. Howard then took his shoes off and kept asking Deputies if they could see things that were not there. Howard was so impaired that it was not safe to leave him. While on the front porch, Mr. Howard kept asking for another officer. Mr. Howard then seemed to be walking off the porch to get into the EMS but then grabbed a funnel. Mr. Howard stated that there were spider webs in it. Deputy Sharpe told Mr. Howard that he needed to put the funnel down because it was not his. Deputy Sharpe took the funnel away from Mr. Howard and put the funnel back. Howard began to actively resist both Deputies Sharpe and Singleton as well as EMS. Deputy Singleton attempted to put handcuffs on Howard but he pulled and pushed away from Deputies along with EMS. Deputy Sharpe discharged his county-issued taser striking Howard in the chest. Deputy Sharpe did not know that Deputy Singleton also had his taser out and Both Deputy Sharpe and Deputy Singleton both discharged their taser almost simultaneously. According to the report, “Deputy Singleton put leg irons on Mr. Howard but was unable to double lock them due to Mr. Howard actively fighting. Mr. Howard then attempted to bite Sgt. Southern. Deputies Sharpe and long kicked off the prongs to the taser off the porch. That Mr. Howard grabbed Deputy Sharpe’s left leg. Deputy Sharpe had to kick Mr. Howard to get him to let go of his leg. Deputies had to keep Mr. Howard lying down so he would not fight. Deputy Sharpe held Mr. Howard’s head to prevent him from biting anyone. Mr. Howard dug his nails into Sgt. Southern right middle finger. Mr. Howard looked at Sgt. Southern and stated, “you like that”. Mr. Howard caused Sgt. Southern to bleed. ” Howard was charged with obstruction of emergency medical technicians, obstruction of law enforcement, and simple battery of law enforcement.

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