Dalton man arrested after causing serious crash with his girlfriend and kids during violent domestic

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On January 29th, 2023, at 8:21 PM, Officer Mullinax and Officer McDaniel were dispatched to the area of Chattanooga Road and Shugart Road in reference to a domestic dispute in progress. While en route, officers were informed that the dispatcher could hear a woman crying and a male cursing and yelling at her over an open 911 line. 911 operators heard the male say “Get your keys now before you don’t have any” and the woman said that she didn’t care and just left her alone. Dispatch managed to give a rough location of the vehicle to Officer Mullinax and Officer McDaniel by “Pinging” the location of the signal. Officers were in the area attempting to locate the vehicle and victim when suddenly and without cause, Officer McDaniel observed a GMC Yukon in front of him take a harsh right turn off the road just before it jumped the curb and slammed directly into a tree at full speed. Officer McDaniel reported, “[I] immediately called out the crash on the radio and exited my patrol vehicle. [I] first approached the driver’s side door and saw a woman. At that time, she was crying. [I] quickly looked her over and saw no signs of apparent physical trauma or blood. The vehicle was still in drive at that time. [I] then quickly made my way to the passenger side, where [I] saw a man who would later be identified as Luysito Angel Ortiz. Based on the information [I] had that was provided to me by dispatch leading up to the crash and the sudden vehicle collision, [I] suspected that it was caused by Luysito himself. He had quickly exited the vehicle without any assistance, almost as if he anticipated the crash. It was so quick, in fact, that [I] never had the chance to evaluate him. [I] quickly placed him in handcuffs. While doing this, [I] could clearly detect the very strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from his breath. [I] then immediately returned to assist the victim and her two young sons.” Officer Mullinax had arrived on the scene and requested that the fire department and EMS be en route to the location. Officers looked over and saw that while the young boy was lightly crying, he was safe due to being properly strapped into a child restraint system. Officers informed the distraught victim that her two sons appeared to be okay. Luysito read his Miranda rights and stated that he didn’t wish to make any statements. The victim advised officers that a domestic had occurred. She stated Luysito was verbally aggressive and demeaning towards her with abusive and opprobrious language. She stated that Luysito forcefully removed the keys from the ignition, causing them to slam into the tree, which was witnessed by the officer. All of these reckless actions occurred while Luysito’s and the victim’s defenseless children were in the backseat. Luysito was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with aggravated assault x3 family violence act, reckless conduct family violence act, interference with the control of a vehicle, terroristic threats x3 felony – family violence act, cruelty to children in the 1st degree x2 family violence act, no seatbelt, and pedestrian under the influence.

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